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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nogizaka46: 2016 magazine scans #14 plus some new blog pics

 Once again that's the lineup for the group's 14th single which is coming out in 33 days yet is still untitled. Don't know if anyone else has an opinion but I'm thinking there's no title for a couple of reasons, one may be because they haven't decided on the song yet. Maybe it hasn't even been written yet, kind of hard to promote it without a PV, pics or any kind of mini samples from the song so obviously at the minimum it hasn't been recorded yet.
 Was thinking some of those thoughts because of what's happening for the group's 4th anniversary which is this weekend. For the last three years they've held a 'Birthday Concert', have viewed the last two and they were both beyond excellent. This year instead of a concert there's going to be a two day Nogi marathon special that starts Saturday morning and goes until late Sunday night. There's going to be many different things in the special such as singing contests, skits, some member segments and so much more.
 Kind of an interesting change of pace this year but wonder because the new single isn't ready they skipped on the birthday show or perhaps this was in the plans for a while, really don't know. In any case this special should be easy to obtain as it's going to be streamed on many Internet channels, who knows as they may have a preview of the new single on the show. Will get back to you with more info this weekend, do like the group quite a bit as you notice but don't think I'll be able to watch the whole show as it's quite lengthy with a running time of 46 hours, of course it's that number.
 There's been a steady amount of mag spreads recently but really thought there would have been so many more, that means we should expect a deluge in March. First set features Rina from WPB #9, it's a promo for her first photobook which comes out on February 24th and is titled "Kimi no Ashiato". Have no plans on posting the PB here, don't dislike her but not much of a fan of Rina, kind of think she's the one member who's gotten a bit of a swelled head and is too much of an attention grabber.

 Another spread from WPB #9 features Asuka, right now she's the only Senbatsu member who's less than 18 but she'll be hitting that age in August.

 Sadly this is the final spread and it's another fine one with Asuka from the current issue of Weekly Shonen Champions.

 Have some recent blog pics and never have to worry about entries from these two as they do more than almost any other member. Seven pics each from Marika, those top ones were from a Bomb photo shoot and the rest are of Hinako who may not post as many pics as others but is the only member who does a blog entry every day.

 Usually when I go to the Nogi blog site just check out my fave members, however they haven't been doing many entries lately. Decided to check out a few others and Yumi is one who posts quite a few pics, also posting a lot of pics is Miona and here's seven again for each of them.

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