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Friday, February 5, 2016

C-ute: Happy birthdays to Maimi Yajima and Saki Nakajima!!!!

 If you visit here often it's fairly obvious that Nogi is my fave J-Pop group, they've attained that status for all the things they've done and it's truly many things. However it may come as a surprise but if you just rate the groups just by their music then C-ute would be #1 on my list and perhaps by a wide margin. Really wish more J-Pop fans heard their music, perhaps a few would agree with me if they gave them a few listens.
 The group does have a devoted fan base, all of their singles reach the top five but usually only sell 60-70,000 copies though their last single has sold close to 75,000 copies. Think one major problem is that they're a H!P group, they have so many groups it's probably hard to devote your promotional energies to one group, Morning Musume is the exception though. Will try in future C-ute posts to have more music videos for you to check out and hopefully enjoy.
 Earlier was watching their 10th anniversary concert which took place last September, it's really one fun watch and it's hard to believe they've been around a decade already, glad to see they haven't decayed. Not as much of an Idol fan these days, really the only ones I follow on those names under the labels heading. Maimi and Saki though are two of my current faves, both are easily in my top ten. Maimi as a matter of fact may be around the number five position if I had an all time Idol list, seeing as she's showing no signs of slowing down she may move up a bit on that list. She's one of the two birthday gals in this post as she'll be turning 24 this Sunday which is February 7th. Hoping there will be another photobook for her this year as she normally releases one yearly, her last one which was called "Nobody Knows" came out last August and was one of the year's best.
 The other birthday honoree is Saki, bet we all have a guilty pleasure female and she would be mine as her looks are just so underrated. Today she celebrates her 22nd b-day, she's been a part of H!P groups since she was 8(!), don't worry about me posting any of those pics here. To celebrate have twenty pics from these two alluring beauties, hope to have a new C-ute post coming up soon but not much news on them as they haven't announced when single #29 is coming out.


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