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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yuko Oshima: February 2016 news #2

 Mention quite often who merits another photobook, would love to see one from those already mentioned but is there anybody more deserving of another PB than Yuko? Been a very brutal stretch of cold weather lately but luckily haven't needed to turn on the heat.... looking at pics like the above ones is why there's the term 'global warming'!
 Last Autumn Yuko apperared in her first stage play, now she's about to be in another that starts up in May called "Miyuki-Anne conditional love". It's just going to be a two person play as Yuko has really moved up quickly with her acting abilities. The play opens up on May 12th in Tokyo for 12 days then moves on to Osaka, her co-star you may recognize from the "Liar Game" drama, seen him in a few other shows and he's actually quite a good actor.
 On February 10th there was a press conference for the play, the start date of it is still three months away so sure there will be a few other posts for it. Yuko really dresses much more conservatively these days but still exudes that hotness which the entire female race is jealous of as she looks super duper in these pics from the press conference. After these ultra alluring pics check out a short video of the event.
 Was wondering in yesterday's Saki post about what kind of money actors make doing stage plays, I have no clue but would think must be an okay amount. Seems like these last five years so many very popular actors/actresses have been doing plays, sure the money isn't nearly as good as appearing in a drama but if anyone has a clue about the salaries please comment on what you know.

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