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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: Will be returning very shortly #1....

No doubt the hardest part about not having a computer was being unable to view Nanami pics....

.... thankfully those IV tubes with her blood was able to keep my DT's at a somewhat low level!

 Thanks to the two commentors who offered a few suggestions about getting a new laptop, it's easy to buy one but not nearly as easy finding the 'perfect fit'. Did end up getting a refurbished one from a reputable dealer near the university close to me, didn't want a Windows 10 which is all that Wal-Mart sells but also would rather give my $$ to a local dealer.
 May seem strange but went backwards, did have Windows 8.1 but had always preferred 7(which was the purchase) as I've noticed most people do as it's probably been Windows best system to date. The Media Center was their best as they stopped the DVD creator after Windows 7, don't even think the new Windows comes with the ability to make CD's. Also ended up being so much cheaper plus it did come with Word and Excel so would imagine this refurbished laptop cost about $200 less than a new one would have, plus there's more features on older models which appeal to me.

 However it'll take a few days to get everything as I'd like it, think it's much wiser to spend a few extra hours or a day getting things all set up. As you all know there's many apps and such to install, want to make sure everything is A-OK before I start back at 100%. So expect things back to normal Monday or the latest Tuesday but will probably be back tomorrow with another mini post like this one. Google+ surprised me with how much time it'll save me as it kept all my bookmarks and passwords.... gulp, why does she keep asking when the answer is always known!

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