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Friday, August 4, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "KeyaBingo! 3" episode three recap

 This is the second episode of the battle between the Hiragana and Kanji members, figure each will get five shows which will bring us up to episode eleven. The competition involves getting as many comments on the show's Line or Twitter accounts, the comments only count when a show is airing. Probably not too many viewers as it airs Monday nights at 1:30 am. Because of comments only counting when a show is on we'll never learn what the total is until the following episode which means in this one we learn how many comments Hiragana got for the second episode.

 On Hiragana's show what they did to attract many comments was to dance nonstop for an hour to two Hiragana/Keya songs. Sure there will be much controversy as Hiragana received over 125,000 comments while their show aired. However due to Nao being banned from commenting those were not counted so the official total dropped all the way down to 38,466. 😒
 Would think that total should be topped by the Kanji members but they'll get zero help from Nao. What the gals did for this show were three short segments which were about taking snapshots while on a date with a boyfriend. There were three groups of six but out of the twenty members only about half participated. The first sextet were....

.... the above members and sure you all know their names by now. What happened was that the gals had taken pictures of themselves in different situations. Then a random one hundred people on the street were asked which was the best one, the winner's pic was shown on the show's Twitter page. So the rankings went five down to the second position with the winner and cellar dweller announced last to keep the suspense up.
 Theme for the first round of pics was 'Post a pic of you on a date with your Boyfriend'. In the fifth spot was Nijika, can't say her pic was all that romantic though it could be to some. Up next in the fourth position was Mizuho who pretended she was feeding her boyfriend, sixteen out of a hundred thought she had the best pic.

 In the third spot was the member who should have won and that was Nanami. She's a huge manga lover and tried to do a pic with Shojou theme which was her giving her boyfriend a glass of juice. Obviously there was some bribery going on as she received just twenty votes. Barely edging her out was Akane with 24 votes, will admit most pics of her lately can be considered quite alluring.

 Kind of surprised who won this first contest but think she deserved it. In the last spot though was Nana, it wasn't the only time she finished dead last and guess not many would want to be her boyfriend. The overall champ with 27 votes in what was a close contest was Rika of all people, I do like her quite a bit but have to admit she is kind of nerdy and air headed. Upon further reflection those are what could attract us to her. The pic she submitted was an excellent one of her falling asleep while she and her boyfriend were traveling on their date.

 Won't know the totals until the next show but seems the themes on this episode would attract many more comments. Next up for the round of pics was 'My Girlfriend is now super excited'. If it was the other way around bet many of us would set records for being excited, here are the hexad of members as most were in two segments.

 In the fifth position was last rounds champ, least Rika stayed away from being last and bet a few thought she would have at least once. Just learned on the last 'Keyakitte' show she absolutely loves potatoes, know we've learned that bread is another passion of hers. Slightly in front of her was Mizuho who finished fourth in both of her rounds, can't say her being excited is what comes to mind viewing her pic.

 The other Rika, Ozeki, beat her namesake and occupied the third spot. She had an okay pic which was of her jumping up and down on a karaoke couch. She had 17 out of the one hundred votes, beating her by three was Nijiki who greatly improved on her first round. Her pic was of her on a swing, thought it could have been a winner.

 Now we're down to the last two members, one will be first while the other will be the next cellar dweller. In the sixth or final spot was Fuyuka who I do admit of liking quite a bit though she's had no solo posts yet.
 So far W-Watanabe are the Queens of the competition as Risa in a slight upset took the top spot. There's no doubt she's the coolest member and her pic was of her and her boyfriend on a bowling date. She wasn't able to throw a strike but many of would agree that she still got a perfect score. 🙌

 On to the third and final segment, theme for it was 'My Girlfriend and I are fighting'. The six pack of Kanji members who took part in this round were....

 Both last place gals are in this round and one of them was able to retain her title but it's not one to brag about. Number five in the vote total was Akane, as enticing as she is bet she's the one member you would not want to be in a fight with.
 Think time was running short as they really zipped through this segment, the announcements for the first four took a minute and it may have been shorter. No doubt I'm the only Minami fan in the world as she just finished in the fourth position, how could you ever have an argument with her? The other Rika finished third for the second time in a row, she's someone who I've enjoyed watching on these shows recently. No W-Watanabe sweep as Risa took the second spot, to me her pic was the best.

 Now it's down to the final two contestants, for the second time Nana has finished dead last and don't think I'll put her number in my little black book. Her look was a terrifying one to the members but Fuyuka's wasn't as forty of the one hundred everyday people though her pic was the best, guess it's hard to say it wasn't.

 Usually I do play a Keya CD during these posts, call me a traitor tonight as I'm in the midst of a
C-ute marathon. Will learn the comment totals for the next recap but bet Kanji easily topped the 38,466 that the Hiragana members received. Should be doing that recap by next weekend, would like to finish off the ones for the 'Zankoku' drama but kind of wondering if the subs will be completed.
 For the last month Yurina has been very quiet during these shows and have a feeling she's really burnt out. Keya played a concert two days ago and there was a news report on how much she was suffering, she couldn't even take part in the encores. She's the youngest Kanji member, don't think someone her age is as fit as someone who is in their younger twenties.


  1. なう = nau = NAO!! O_O
    I guess with the 'fighting' pic with Manaka is what you did to her when she laughed at you for finally figuring out what 'MARRY' was. Just WHAM!! entered some Tekken command throws and threw her out the room XD Nana's 'fighting' pic tho haha looked more realistic.
    oh? OH! "TRAITOR!" get yo buttocks ready with that lightsaber Nao

  2. Actually Manaka was blown back by my hot air as I was speaking, most of the members think I am full of it....