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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Nogizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #47 and more....

 Had really wanted to have a Misa solo post these last few days, was working on it but there just weren't enough new things. Perhaps there will be one for Mai later in but don't even think she can top those above pics, whewwww....
 Single #18 "Nigemizu" will be released in four days, question is can Nogi keep their hot streak up? Their last eight singles have sold better than the previous one, actually that's been the case for every single since their debut except for their ninth one "Natsu no Free and Easy". That's a mystery to me why it didn't sell as well as it's predecessor as it's one of their better songs, only thing I can think of is that the PV was so-so at best.

 "Influencer" has sold over a million and "Sayonara no Imi" is very close to that figure too, just have a feeling this new single won't be topping either one but then again I'm wrong about most things. Wasn't able to have that Misa solo post so we'll have her start off the spreads for today. Hard to top these pics which can be said about most of her sets, these pics of perfection are from the August 16th edition of Weekly Shonen and a few other members are also in the mag.

 Trio of third generation members had the back cover of Weekly Shonen. The threesome are Mizuki, Momoko who is the co-center for the new single and Shiori who has been looking really fine lately.

 There's one more trio who appeared in the magazine. Featured are Manatsu and Asuka, also with them is Miona whose pics are making all of us pleading to see her in a photobook.

 "Asahinagu" will be Nogi's first group film as about ten members will be in it. Nanase has the lead role of Asahi in the movie but back in May Asuka appeared in a stage play of the manga playing the lead role though she won't be in the film. That info has zero to do with the film but she does have this fine spread from the September edition of MDN.... Manga Daisuki Network.

 Naturally the group has been appearing on every music show to promote the new single, thing I don't like about the appearances is that too often they don't perform the whole song. The co-centers for the single are Momoko and Yuuka though it seems we see more of Mai and Nanase in the PV and when they're doing the song on TV. These screenshots here are from last night's 'Music Station' show and their outfits certainly rate a 10 or higher! Also nice to see that Erika is doing more activities with the group, her stage plays were taking up so much of her time.


  1. oh boy we need more Misa mags PRONTO! andale andale!

  2. Will agree with that as there's been very few of them since her photobook came out, the same thing for some strange reason has happened to Mai. Those are the two best gravure gals in Nogi and though I like the third generation members they seem to be appearing in too many mags recently.

  3. Awwh bro Misa & Mai 👍 👍. Hmmm i guess it's because the two 3rd gens are center, also probably because their popularity is growing rapidly(?) Also also i think the other gens got a really busy schedule doing...idk something. Anyways, would like to see Mai.S being one of the top, on par with Misa & Mai.

  4. Their popularity is growing though it'll take a long time to catch up with Mai or Nanase. It is true that the older members do have a much busier schedule with their TV and radio shows plus they have the new film coming out next month.