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Friday, August 11, 2017

Fumika Baba: WPB-Net #506 scans

 It's kind of surprising but this is the first Fumika post in close to three months, for a while it was difficult to keep up with her. Have noticed when that happens a gal usually takes a breather and guess that's what Fumika did, forgot to do a post for it but she turned 22 on June 21st.
 Fumika is currently on the third season of 'Code Blue', have only seen the first two episodes but so far her role isn't too huge but think that'll be changing. On the show she plays Nurse Futuba who is somewhat new to the ER but seems to know much more than the new interns. Will try to have a few screenshots of her in future recaps for the drama.
 There have been a few recent Fumika mag spreads so expect a post next week for them and perhaps a few other things too. Don't know what it is but there's a big holiday week in the second half of August in Japan, most mags skip issuing a week and instead combine two mags together. Brought that up as one of her new spreads is from a combined issue.
 On to some fabulous pics and Fumika's always are that way, she'd probably rank third for most popular gals that I post about, so many just can't get enough of her. There's a total of seventy pics and she's also going to be in edition #600 of this series, shame there's no video to accompany the pics.

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