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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Keyakizaki46: The 'Minami Koike post' #1....

 Sigh, this younger generation just has no patience these days....

 Have to admit that Minami is going to be one of the tougher Kanji members to post about but have a feeling that may be changing. To me she's easily the most adorable gal in Keya but think she's been the most overlooked member. Lately though she's finally had a much bigger presence on their variety shows but sadly has no upcoming episode devoted to her.

 That's from episode three of 'Bingo!', post below this one has many fine Minami screenshots from the last 'Keyakitte' recap. Usually for an intro post have been having many pics of the members from their first press conference when the members of Keya were selected. However back then in August 2015 Minami was put in the background and was barely noticed, just found one pic of her.

 Not everything will be brand new today but most pics are except for one mag spread. Minami hails from Hyogo prefecture and Keya just recently played their first show in Kobe which is somewhat near where she grew up. Like a lot of members Minami is in college but don't know where, they probably try to keep that info secret.
 As mentioned some things will be new while others will already have been posted. These here are some recent blog pics from the last two weeks and she does do a better job than most members keeping it updated.

 On July 24th Keya held a press conference for a new app game that will feature the group. However it won't be coming out until the Autumn and it appears to be an okay game. Said that Minami's been getting a bit more of a push and she did at the event. Seems at all previous events like this one she was stuck in the back row but this time was in the front and did have a lot to say.

 Minami does have such an endearing smile wish she would do it more, she is kind of a serious person like these two pics from their 'Masshirona' album.

 One thing she needs or needed more presence in was the group's two dramas. Have watched sixteen episodes and so far these are her only screenshots.

 On to a few mag spreads and Minami may appear in less of them than any other member or at least has the fewest solo ones. Posted this set before but it's so exhilarating it needed an encore as she graced the cover of the August 4th issue of Young Gangan.

 Another fine and rare solo Minami spread is from volume 118 of Marquee.

 Was planning on making this longer but will stop with this next set of terrific pics. Seeing as how there's not enough Minami things in the world will hold back on some of them as I'd like to have another solo post for her soon. There's twenty pics in this Hustle Press set which came out in July, posted the bottom ten already but not the top half and is there a more cuter Keya member? They're a bit long but a fun watch and am talking about 'Showroom' Minami hosted the show on July 2nd and 10th, following the pics is a video of the first one and you can tell it was unscripted.


  1. There is no cuter 46 member than Minami. That is a fact.

  2. An undisputable fact. Need to think of a name for a subgroup she can lead. So far there's Marry along with Techi and Neru, perhaps a foursome of with the lame name of MANY....


    Kind of simple but will be working with her on it.

  3. Sarina
    Well that stuffed up big time. No one has an I or O for the first name

  4. Nogi seems to have many more members whose name begins with a vowel, not so with Keya though did notice plenty of last names do though so will keep at it.