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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Keyakizaka46: Tokyo Idol Fest pics and a tad more....

 Bit of a quiet stretch recently for Keya but bet that's because Nogi's new single is coming out this week, seems the other group takes a backseat for a while as the other grabs the spotlight. Their first album 'Masshirona' sold well in it's second week, sales are already over 300,000 copies sold. One reason for the members being a bit quiet as it appears they're getting ready for their next career.

 Three in a row in bowling means Turkey, don't think we'll call those three that!

 Just one regular mag spread for today but have posted many of them recently. Risa has been an exclusive Non-no model since March, she'll be taking a stroll on the catwalk for them at next month's 'Girls Awards' show. These are from Non-no's September issue as she's joined by a few other members, be nice to see any of the three take a walk too and especially Akane.

 Posted a few of these new Hustle Press pics but there were a few more as Minami is trying hard to take over the top spot for Nao's fave member.

 The 'Tokyo Idol Fest' is a huge event as over 220 groups perform at it over a three day stretch. There are many stages but that's still a lot of groups so they can't perform as many songs as they would at a regular concert. Keya made an appearance at Saturday's show and naturally performed all of their hits along with many other songs, I actually prefer their B-sides. Hiragana also did a set as we've been seeing so much more of them lately. Yurina had been ill and wasn't able to finish their August 2nd concert but she seemed to be in better form for this shorter show. Huge amount of pics here for both groups, Kanji will be doing a few more shows this week.

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