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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #31....

 Nogi has another app that's coming out soon called 'Always With You', more on that at the bottom. Besides that doesn't seem as though there are as many campaigns for the upcoming single, last single they had some tie-in promos with Mouse and 7-Eleven but can't think of any recent new ones. Nogi's Summer tour will be resuming this week as they'll be doing four concerts starting on the 11th in Miyagi, then it's on to Osaka and Aichi.

 EDIT: Just read the news after the post but Himeka last night on her radio show announced her graduation. That really bums me out as she was one of my faves, she had taken a leave of absence earlier this year due to health problems and it appears she's still dealing with them. She said this will be her last single and won't be at the upcoming concerts, so far no date has been set for the graduation but will keep her fans updated.

 The third generation members have really been monopolizing the mag spreads lately, good that they're getting a push but some of us would like to see more of our long time faves. Mai is one of those for me, she shares this set with Nogi's tallest member who is Minami and this spread is from the September edition of Entame.

 Kind of a mix in this set of pics which is from the September issue of TV Guide. Manatsu, Iori and Ayano are in the first set while the co-centers for the new single Momoko and Yuuki are also featured. Been way too long since we've seen  Hinako in a mag.... 😭

 Out of the 34 first or second generation members bet only about five do an acceptable job keeping their blog page updated which makes no sense, even Nogi's captain is horrible at it. Two of the best are Miona as she does an entry almost every day. So doesn't Chiharu and her pics are from her recent trip to Taiwan for the 'Discovery of the World's Mysteries' program.

 The app 'Always With You' is the second time they've had one with these features. If you sign up at the site you can get a wake up call and hear the voice of one of Nogi's members. You can also get notified of upcoming group events, new merchandise and whatever. According to the site you can also hear multiple voices at once and there are some pics too, here's the web address:

 There's a lot more info at the site and have a couple of screenshots here of their home page. There's a few videos on YT for it but no official promo for the app yet so will wait until that comes out as too many Nogi videos end up getting deleted on YT. Do have some promo pics though for the app with four members and will eventually get around to posting most of the members.


    aahhh you sonuvabullshenanigans. no more beams, no more protein TT

  2. This date in history will not go down as a wonderful day, her health must be quite bad or at least to do a job of an Idol. Nanami was hurting quite badly too at the end, they were having to push her around in a cart backstage.
    It's sad to say but bet these graduation announcements are going to become much more frequent. Mai I thought would be next and perhaps she will be after this one, Kana is also a possibility.

  3. Today is a shiz day! Bloody terrible day. Curious to how bad her health is tho like Imaizumi in K46 but they're probably not gonna release the details. Hate that i'm with ya with the graduation stuff *sigh*

  4. To lift my spirits, I'm gon watch keyakake coz my girl Mizuho is gon camping with Yuuka my 2nd fave

  5. Camping, hmmmmm as that gets my imagination into gear. Himeka's sister is in the BABYNETAL group which I don't know too well but they seem to be popular outside of Japan.

  6. Babymetal is pretty good, like a few of their songs. You can hear the similarities in her voice. The camping! m8 they didn't make a fire! That's like the number 1 thing to do. K46 got another showroom audition thing for Hiragana Keyaki btw. About 25 ppl, probably half will join but i dunno it just doesn't seem like they need it