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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Keyakitte, Kakenai?" episode 90 recap

 Noticed these recaps for the Keya shows have got quite longish, they seem to be bigger then regular drama recaps and those shows are almost twice as long. So let's get right to the action and it turned out to be an enjoyable watch though I think things were more scripted out than usual.
 As that above screenshot shows the theme of this episode which aired on July 30th was 'Location Shoot: Love Connection'. The members chose another Keya gal with who they would like to spend a day with and their activities will be taped for a future episode. If both members chose each other then they would spend a day together doing whatever they want to do, however if the other wasn't in unison with the choice then both would spend the rest of their lives in eternal loneliness.

 Probably made the explanation a bit difficult above. If A chooses B to spend the day with and B had chosen A then it's a match made in heaven. If not then they'll be alone or perhaps a better penalty would be to be forced to spend the day with Nao.... 🙌
 Up first was Keya's captain Yuuka, the member she wanted to spend a day with was Mizuho, kind of thought she would have chosen Akane but maybe they already do spend much time together. Wasn't much of a shock to Yuuka when we discovered Mizuho had chosen her as her ideal mate for a day, that's why I thought many of these pairs were known beforehand.
 Well the duo will be featured on the next show which may have been taped before this one. They do talk about going to anime shops or doing things like that but that's not what takes place in the next show. Haven't seen it yet but the dynamic duo end up spending a day camping though much of the show may be blacked out as it was actually a nudist camp the pair went to....

 The next segment is when we get our first hearts broken and sadly one came at the expense of who should be everyone's fave member. Nijika had the next selection and wisely wanted to spend a day with Minami, she had been wanting to spend a day with her for a while. Minami didn't feel the same passion as the member she had chosen was Nana, lot of members really like her.
 With that choice it means Nijika is forced to spend the rest of Idol career alone but does it mean Minami will now have a day with Nana? Another heart was broken as Nana's choice wasn't Minami, how could it not be???? Instead Nana's selection to share a day and an episode with is.... but wait!!!!
 Someone else had chosen Nana as their fave member to be with and that was Miyu, thought she was already seeing a teacher?! Two gals are now vying for Nana's undivided love and the winner to spend a day with her is....

.... Miyu!!!! There is a winner and a match but that means that unfortunately Minami has to depart a lonely gal though Nao secretly thinks to himself the competition has just thinned out. Guess that's okay as Nana and Miyu seem to be quite compatible and have never spent a day off together. Don't know what their plans will be as Miyu said just spending a day with Nana is good enough for her.

 Didn't realize it until two days ago but have never done a solo post for Minami though she just may be my current fave member. Am working on one and will have it soon, hard to believe but to date she's only had two solo mag spreads which is making the creation of a post a bit more difficult.
 Back to the show and so far there are two pairs who will be having an upcoming show. What wasn't mentioned if the pairs will have the whole show devoted to them or just a long segment. Up next was Yui K. and it was a case of one match and one broken heart. The heart chopped in half belonged to Aoi who was eliminated, she had chosen Rina who had also picked Yui to spend a day together with but seeing as how she's still in school maybe payback for her will be breaking hearts.
 Forgot to mention it but after Nana's scene she left the studio to go to school, she's a college student. Now it's a threesome once again but it was all a tad complicated as there were a total of four gals in this segment. Though Yui had selected Rena the feelings weren't shared as she wanted to spend time with Rina, it was Yui's segment but somehow she somehow got left out in the cold but we do have our third pair.

 Some good members have been dumped, perhaps there should be an episode showing us how they recovered from their broken hearts... Nao knows a way but bet they wouldn't be in agreement. 😏Moving right along and the next selection belonged to Fuyuka, don't discuss her too much but think she's one of the more attractive Keya members. Her choice to spend an entire day with and to have an episode perhaps devoted to it was Neru and that was an excellent choice.
 Neru seems to be one of the more fun gals to be around with and also has a good head on her shoulders. This selection offered no suspense as it was a match and think the pair may have set it up earlier. Unsure of what their activity will be but Neru wants to bring Fuyuka to her hometown which is Nagasaki, seems like that may make for an interesting show.

 Not all of the members were in attendance, noticed that Yurina, Yui I. and Shiori were not there. Also in a previous episode Nanako and Rika had been mates and had a show together which means they weren't eligible this time around. There's still four members to get to and those are among my fave gals in the group who are Akane, Manaka, Nanami and Risa. If you're a Keya fan should be easy to know who the winning pair will be.

 Up first was Nanami and she's another member which has been growing on me. Keya is like Nogi as it's easy to know the members by face and name but it's kind of hard getting to know them so well, guess there's enough time in the future. Nanami's choice to spend time with was Manaka, solid choice if you want to spend the day fashion shopping!!!!
 Akane was up next and bet the four knew they would be last as they all chose each other. Her choice was Risa which surprised her and much of the audience, think her top two choices were already taken. Out of the quartet it wasn't a perfect match as naturally Manaka and Risa chose the other, they do make for the best pair in Keya.
 But one reason they said for choosing each other is that they never get enough time to spend with each other, they've gone out on occasion but they want to spend an entire day with each other. That makes it five pairs and there were six(?) broken hearts left at the altar. The next episode will be the first with the 'Location Shoot' but no clue if there will be five episodes in a row for the shows.

 Bit more scripted out than other shows but it was still a fun watch. Some of the gals were truly brokenhearted when their choice didn't share the same feelings, they're young enough where they'll get over it.
 Have the next episode already but unsure what will be recapped first, that show or episode four of 'KeyaBingo!'. It's a competition between the Hiragana and Kanji members, curious to see how many votes Kanji got on the last show and if you're confused have recapped all of this season's shows. Will have another post hopefully tomorrow so you'll find out what my next watch was.


  1. Well...I didn't get a match :( guess I have to spend time with you then. Did ya get a look at Aoi tho m8 when she got rejected? Poor girl looked like she was gonna cry.

  2. Ditto on the no matches, the Keya members so seem to be more emotional than Nogi. Aoi didn't break down but for a second thought that Minami might, Yui seemed a bit down also.

  3. kinda unrelated but i wanna call it haha i have a gut feelin that ep 8 for 'Zankoku' will be out later today/tomorrow

  4. That'd be nice if it was. Noticed that the group subbing the show received a warning from NTV along with another site that's subbing it in Indonesian, was unsure if either would continue with the project after that.