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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Nogizaka46: The 'Mai Shiraishi post' #37- BLT Graph 'White' mini photobook scans

 Been a lack of Nogi posts recently but think there will be many of them this week. Tomorrow will try to have a group post for mag spreads plus there's another graduation taking place which I didn't even know of. Plus there may be three solo member posts this week and one of them may be another for Mai.
 This isn't technically a photobook but at a whopping 46(!) pics it's huge enough to be labeled as a mini book. Think it's almost time for another Mai PB as it's been close to two years since her last one "Passport" was released. It just may have set a record for sales as it's sold in the area of 300,000 copies and it certainly was one of the greatest Idol books ever.

 Though the "Passport" PB came out in February 2017 it's still selling huge amounts of copies. For 2018 it was the seventh best selling book with 73,000 copies sold. Nogi's group book took the top spot and in a bit of a surprise a Keya member had the largest selling solo book.
 On to the pics and these may be Mai's best collection since that last photobook came out. The pics are actually almost as good which is hard to believe and Mai just gets more alluring by the day. As mentioned there's a total of 46 fabulous pics in this collection and hopefully will have another post for her this week.

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