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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Mei Angela: A little bit of this and that....

 That bottom pic is a bit newish and surprisingly Mei posted that on her Instagram page. As mentioned no regular 'Top Twenty Faves' list this year but thinking of having a list for all the newcomers that have been introduced this year. The total is probably between 25-30 gals and most of them have become very popular here. Was thinking of having a top ten list for those 25 or so new faves of mine and would be starting that in about ten days.
 Won't be too long of a series as was thinking of having two to three gals per post except for the top two. As it stands right now Mei would top the list and had there been a top twenty this year she would have finished in the top five. These days she's my #1 hottest fave, the very top pic is from a March 'Girls Awards' show and when I saw how Mei looked at it she instantly became a huge fave of mine and I think many others too.

 Not a massive post but there's plenty of dynamite new pics. Need to start doing more posts like this one instead of waiting until there's over fifty new pics for someone, this way would also mean more posts in all. Mei posts an incredible amount of pics on her Instagram site, can't think of anyone else who has as many pics. These are all recent and could have had five times as many.

 Those bottom three pics another new fave of mine and many bothers who is Nashiko, those two are quite good friends and who can forget their Flash mag post from about a month ago?!

 Those bottom two Instagram pics also feature another new fave and another one who is a good friend of my who is Yume. Need to do another post for her in the next week and the pair appeared at an event together on June 28th for Rayli and other magazines. That's a Chinese mag, that one and others are trying to feature more Japanese women and there was another event for them which I'll have in her next post.

 On October 22nd Mei appeared at another event which was for Toyama Crabs and Seafood. She's a new spokesperson for them though doesn't have any CM's for the company yet. The event was promoting a limited time food pavillon for their food which is served fresh right off the boat.

 Mei has appeared in many issues of Young Jump but for the first time was on their cover but had to share it with two others who I've never heard of. She also had to share the spread but as usual just looked so tremendous, bottom few pics are from the photo shoot which are better than the mag pics.

 To end off have a pair of Mei mag spreads for Weekly Ascii, much more conservative than her other mag spreads but she still looks just as fabulous. The two sets are from the mag's September 11th and 18th editions. Don't think it's been posted before as after these pics are a highly recommended Mei CM from 2017 for Fluffy Room bras, whewwww....