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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Korean Drama "The Ghost Detective": Episode's 23 and 24 recap

 Air Dates: September 4th to October 31, 2018.... Back to back episodes Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on KBS 2  Director: Lee Jae-Hoon    Two episode ratings:2.3 and 2.3%

 Main Cast:

 Choi Daniel as Lee Dai-Ii.... Detective at the 'A Few Good Men' agency, also an ex-army sergeant who left due to a scandal
Park Eun-Bin as Jung Yeo-Wool.... new assistant at the 'A Few Good Men' agency who works about five part time jobs and also had her sister die mysteriously
Kim Won-Hae as Han Sang-Sub.... owner of the 'A Few Good Men Agency' that's going bankrupt and a huge Sherlock Holmes fan
Lee Ji-Ah as Sun Woo-Hye.... mysterious woman always dressed in red
Lee Jae-Kyoon as Park Jung-Dae.... young, gung-ho police detective
Park Joo-Hee as Baek Da-Hye.... lawyer who once represented Da-Ii
Lee Joo-Young as Gil Chae-Won.... coroner who can talk with ghosts
Hyun Bong Sik as Sa-Soo.... Jung-Dae's older partner and superior
Shin Jae-Ha as Gyeol.... friend of Yeo-Wool and her dead sister
Yoo Soo-Bin as Kang.... fake reporter working under Baek

 So much has happened in this series which is why these recaps tend to be longer than the ones for most other dramas. Don't know how but more little subplots and info were added into these two shows than any other episodes, hope I can squeeze everything in. To be honest some of the things were or are a bit confusing as so much was thrown at us in such a short amount of time, will say this was one series which had hardly any filler as most of these long dramas tend to have that flaw.
 On to the action then and as we ended the previous episode Da-Ii had finally caught up to his antagonist Woo-Hye. But he's not the only person on the scene as his team of four led by Yeo-Wool had arrived at the house followed shortly after by Jung-Dae. A warm welcoming committee wasn't there to greet them but instead a trio of men who are now under Woo-Hye's control. Her powers have become quite stronger over the last few shows as at one time it appeared two people were the max she could control at once.
 Now the figure seems to be well over ten as besides the trio blocking the entrance for the quartet there were at least ten who were on the trail of Jung-Dae leaving the five surrounded. All of these 'zombies' have a mission, it's for Yeo-Wool to hand over her sister's hearing aid and if not they'll use force to get it. Jung-Dae and Sang-Sub pulled out their pistols on the controlled group but never did end using them in the fight which soon turned into a huge melee. You wouldn't think the five would have had a chance against such a large group but they overcame them quite easily, seemed like the large group fought in slow motion.
 Kang was no help in the battle but he did something which may pay off down the road. He filmed the whole melee and also had aims to get Woo-Hye on film to back up his story on her. While that fight was going on there was another happening in the locked room Da-Ii and Woo-Hye were in. Though Da-Ii is back under her control, it's a giveaway with his red eyes, seems he can partially think for himself and had his sights set on killing Woo-Hye. To her surprise Dai-Ii ended up hurling her against a wall, when she fell to the ground Da-Ii quickly jumped on her and began to strangle Woo-Hye.

 Da-Ii's batting average stands at .000 for strangling women as he failed in this attempt just as he did with Yeo-Wool two episodes ago. Wasn't his fault this time as Woo-Hye had a knife on her and thrust it into Da-Ii's stomach. He stumbled back but seemed to be somewhat okay, no blood came gushing out which may be because he's in his ghost form. Eventually the five mates on Da-Ii's team were able to break into the locked room, Kang got his wish as he now has Woo-Hye on film. Quite an odd scene this ended up being and it started off the mini confusions these two episodes left us with.
 Da-Ii is still determined to end Woo-Hye's life but before he could get to her one of the men she was controlling jumped between them, The man had a knife to his throat, Woo-Hye told everyone unless they back off he'll kill himself. The man meant zero to Da-Ii who could care less if he died or not, he was about to take the knife from the man to kill him and Woo-Hye when Da-Ii was magically stopped. What stopped him was music, Yeo-Wool had begun playing a song which Da-Ii's mother loved more than anything else in the world and that song seemed to bring him to his senses.
 As he turned and approached Yeo-Wool the life seemed to disappear from Da-Ii as he fell to the ground and passed out, perhaps the knife wound was more severe than he thought. All eyes in the room were now on Da-Ii which gave Woo-Hye an opportunity to escape and she took advantage of that. But Jung-Dae quickly came to his senses and realized what she had done, he quickly was in pursuit and did catch up to her soon enough in a tunnel.

 The amount of people being controlled by Woo-Hye keeps increasing dramatically. May have been a mistake for Jung-Dae to chase after her as he's soon under her 'spell', at one time she had to touch you to put her under her control but seems Woo-Hye can just look at a person now to do that. As you can see above seemed Woo-Hye did have plans to use Jung-Dae though not quite yet, all we now for now is that he's under Woo-Hye's control and his eyes did turn red. Woo-Hye had Jung-Dae put his pistol to his head to shoot himself but at the last minute told him it was too early for his death, after saying that she simply waked away.
 Jung-Dae came out of his trance and was wondering what was going on plus why was he in a tunnel? He is yet another person who is under Woo-Hye's control but she didn't have Jung-Dae do any evil deeds in either of these episodes but sure his time will come. Meanwhile back at Woo-Hye's old house things are getting back to normal if that's possible in this series. Da-Ii had snapped out of his state and no longer had red eyes, there's still so much to find out about Woo-Hye's 'spells' such as why did someone like Da-Ii snap right out of one?
 Everyone headed back to Sang-Sub's office where there was a message left on the board they were keeping clues for the case. While they were gone Gyeol had entered the office, he had written on the board 'There is a murderer among you'. All five appeared to be innocent but to Da-Ii Kang seemed as though he could be the most likely suspect but then again was this a trap set up by Woo-Hye?
  Didn't mention it at the time as there wasn't much to discuss about it. But in the 20th episode we saw a flashback in Sang-Sub's life from five years ago. He had been married at one time and during the flashback his marriage appeared to be a happy one. But after reading that message Sang-Sub went to his private office alone where he had another flashback. That showed that his marriage grew to be a very frustrating one for Sang-Sub as his wife had fallen very ill. Sang-Sub at the time was getting a bit tired of taking care of her and his wife knew she was a burden. One night she locked herself in a car and ended up dying by the fumes which seeped into her car. Sang-Sub arrived on the scene but couldn't get his wife out of the car in time, though his wife committed suicide don't think that means Sang-Sub was the murderer among the group.

 Yeo-Wool, Chae-Won and Da-Ii remained in the main office to discuss their next move, during his struggle with Woo-Hye Da-Ii had noticed that the body she's using is breaking down. According to the supernatural expert Chae-Won she'll be wanting a new body soon and there's no doubt in her mind that the one she wants is Yeo-Wool's! Of course Yeo-Wool is petrified of the idea but she learns later on that may be the best way to finally rid the world of Woo-Hye.
 Getting in front of myself once again but by the end of the second episode Yeo-Wool had learned from Chae-Won a spirit is at it's weakest when they move into a new body. That's a fact that Da-Ii also knows about, could this series be on track for that kind of ending with one of them getting killed to save the others?
 In the most lighthearted scene of the drama to date Da-Ii and Yeo-Wool headed to a bank of the Han river for a little relaxation. Yeo-Wool was very confused, why now of all times would Da-Ii want to take a break but she seemed to read through his words. Da-Ii wanted to be the first and only person to allow Woo-Hye access to a body, by the way he was talking it seemed to Yeo-Wool that she may never see him again. Positive that's not going to happen but for the remainder of this second episode they never were together and there were over ten minutes to go.

 This recap is going quicker than I thought it would as we're approaching the end of it. Have been trying to have these posts consist of five segments and have been doing that for about the last five recaps. Seems to be working out quite well as it takes less time to write yet still get to all of the major points, probably makes for a much easier read too.
 Jung-Dae is finally getting around to working on the instructions Da-Ii had asked him to do. The number one priority was finding Da-Ii's body, he's enlisted the help of Chae-Won and the pair are now on the hunt. A key clue Da-Ii had given Jung-Dae was that he thought his body was in some sort of warehouse that stored grapes as that's what he can smell all around him. Plus he thought the location was outside of Seoul as his body had been moved and it seemed it was far from the city.
 No success or at least at first for the Jung-Dae and Chae-Won in finding the right location but they had been looking at places near Seoul. Those two are of course not the only ones hunting for the live body of Da-Ii as there's also Woo-Hye though it seems with her body breaking down her number one concern is kidnapping Yeo-Wool and moving into her body. That 'seems' about finding Yeo-Wool's body first is almost 100% certain as she met up with her henchman Gyeol towards the end. He reminded Woo-Hye about her mistake in killing her mother before she learned the location of Da-Ii's body. Gyeol's comments didn't faze her in the least as she told him that she wasn't worried in the least as.... she's known where Da-Ii's body has been for days now!
 On to the final scene and the setting where episode 25 will be beginning is a warehouse. Woo-Hye isn't the only person to find the place as so hasn't Da-Ii who is in the building at the show's close. It's a warehouse with multiple small storage areas, Da-Ii doesn't know which one but he's seeing if he can smell grapes in any of them. Shortly after his entrance about to enter the building are Jung-Dae and Chae-Won, this location was the last place on their list and the warehouse is somewhere in Eucheon. In the closing seconds there's a knock at the building owner's house who he shares with his wife. The man goes to answer the door and lets the person in, who should it be but Woo-Hye and her smiling yet evil face ended these episodes.

 Hitting the stretch run for this series as there's just eight half hour shows to view. Going to end off the recaps a bit differently as instead of having two of them back to back will have the final four recaps all in a row. Figure so much will be happening it'll be easier to keep track of things if you've been someone who has been reading these posts all along, thanks if you have. Will have those four posts in a little over a week and here's many more screenshots to follow the action better.