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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Korean Drama "The Ghost Detective": Episode's fifteen and sixteen recap

 Air Dates: September 4th to October 31, 2018.... Back to back episodes Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm on KBS 2  Director: Lee Jae-Hoon    Two episode ratings:2.8 and 2.7%

 Main Cast:

 Choi Daniel as Lee Dai-Ii.... Detective at the 'A Few Good Men' agency, also an ex-army sergeant who left due to a scandal
Park Eun-Bin as Jung Yeo-Wool.... new assistant at the 'A Few Good Men' agency who works about five part time jobs and also had her sister die mysteriously
Kim Won-Hae as Han Sang-Sub.... owner of the 'A Few Good Men Agency' that's going bankrupt and a huge Sherlock Holmes fan
Lee Ji-Ah as Sun Woo-Hye.... mysterious woman always dressed in red
Lee Jae-Kyoon as Park Jung-Dae.... young, gung-ho police detective
Park Joo-Hee as Baek Da-Hye.... lawyer who once represented Da-Ii
Lee Joo-Young as Gil Chae-Won.... coroner who can talk with ghosts
Hyun Bong Sik as Sa-Soo.... Jung-Dae's older partner and superior

 For now that's the main recurring cast but will add to the list once new ones are introduced.

 Let's get right to the action because as usual so much happened and hope this can be a bit briefer like the above post. After being in a coma for 25 years Woo-Hye has somehow arisen and is prowling the streets of Seoul. She's already killed one young woman and is staying at that woman's apartment with her long time helper Jeon. In the above middle screenshot is the young detective Jung-Dae who has helped Yeo-Wool and her small team look for Woo-Hye, he's also had a long time crush on her.
 He's pointing his gun at Jeon, Jung-Dae had tracked down the address of the woman who was murdered by Woo-Hye. As he was investigating the apartment Jeon walked in suddenly as he was staying there with his 'controller'. No Woo-Hye was with him though, when Jeon saw Jung-Dae in the apartment he high tailed out of there but after about a two mile chase he was nabbed on the roof of a building. Surprisingly Jeon surrendered somewhat meekly but was saying zero to the police.
 One of the better scenes of the show was when Jeon was being interrogated by Jung-Dae and his partner Sa-Soo. The questioning was going nowhere but suddenly the doors to the room opened and shut with no person there. When Sa-Soo went to check out what was going on a door closed in his face and locked, also the lights in the room went out. Behind all of the mayhem was Da-Ii who wanted to hear what Jeon had to say. But eerie things began happening in the room such as a lighter all of a sudden opening and then flaming. Jung-Dae up to know presumed Da-Ii was still alive, then before his eyes a pen began to rise and it wrote a note on a sheet of paper in front of Jung-Dae.
 It was Da-Ii doing the writing, to leave no doubt in Jung-Dae's mind Da-Ii even signed his name. He had written that the question Jeon needs to answer the most is 'Who did Woo-Hye kill first?'. To the team hunting her down that seemed like the most important clue they need as they may be able to track her evil deeds over the years. Jeon actually did answer the question though not in full, his reply was that her first victim was the person she loved the most. Who that is for now is unknown to Da-Ii but at least the team is making a bit of progress, meanwhile Jung-Dae is still bewildered at the thought of Da-Ii being a ghost.

 As that questioning was going on there was a reappearance by Woo-Hye who was still wearing the dress her murdered victim wore. A few episodes ago we met a man named Gyeol who had gone to school with Yeo-Wool's sister Yi-Rang. He's standing by the edge of a river about to throw himself in, Gyeol is still feeling so guilty about the suicide of Yi-Rang who he was somewhat close to. With one touch Woo-Hye can put you under her 'spell' which is what she did to Gyeol, his eyes began to turn red like most of the people she controls.
 Gyeol also liked Yeo-Wool quite a bit, Hye-Woo threatened him that if he doesn't do what she says then Yeo-Wool's life will be snuffed out. Gyeol reluctantly agreed to her proposal though at the time we didn't know what it was, being under Woo-Hye's control left Gyeol with no options anyways. One more bit of info Jeon confessed to during his questioning was that there wouldn't be just one more victim of Woo-Hye's rage but a whole crowd of innocent people at once.
 Da-Ii had surmised that there was going to be some sort of terrorist attack but by whom is another question the group needs to figure out. One other thing about Da-Ii is that it appears he may be under Woo-Hye's 'spell' though only slightly as he has touched her twice. On a few occasions his eyes have lit up red and he even had some sort of out of body episode once on a busy street. More about that at the very end of the recap but by a lucky break the small team of four have figured out where the attack may take place. Through the clue from a jingle of a TV commercial the most logical attack spot is at an event called the '2018 Travel Fair', the four head there immediately.

 Don't know if it seems it to those reading this but am setting a record for zipping through this recap, may have left a few minor details out but the main event in these two shows was the upcoming terrorist attack. The team of four guessed the location of Woo-Hye's attack correctly, now the questions were who would be the person(s) doing it and what weapons would they use? Naturally most attackers use bombs which is what they looked for during their search of the facility.
 In the bottom screenshot is the CEO Lee, we met him briefly during the first four episodes. His seven year old daughter was one of three children that had been kidnapped, thanks to Da-Ii all of the children were saved and Lee is eternally grateful. He's the person who is running the travel fair, when Yeo-Wool told him of the upcoming attack he actually believed her with no proof and gave her all of the help he could muster such as his security team.
 Gyeol worked for a small cafe that specialized in lemonades, you can probably guess where that's leading to. His cafe has a booth at the travel fair and Gyeol is one of the two workers who will be serving the lemonade. Not just regular varieties but ones that are flavored with.... poison! At the fair while his coworker was off doing other duties Gyeol had spiked all of the bottles of lemonade, shortly after that an announcement was made that their area was open for free drinks.
 That naturally brought a huge crowd of people rushing there including Da-Ii's partner Sang-Sub who had been talking to Yeo-Wool. She rushed after him as they had more pressing matters to attend to but Sang-Sub needed his drink to refresh himself. Da-Ii also heard the announcement, he put two and two together and knew the lemonade was going to be Woo-Hye's attack. Meanwhile Gyeol slipped away and Yeo-Wool didn't even know her long time friend had been at the fair nor what he had done.

 Da-Ii was actually first on the scene and slapped a cup of the drink out of someone's hand, of course no person saw him. Quickly the word spread around that the lemonades were spiked with poison which set off a panic attack as everyone fled the scene. All of the fair visitors may have panicked but the quartet of Da-Ii, Yeo-Wool, Sang-Sub and Chae-Won managed to save the day and the CEO Lee was once again eternally grateful.
 Didn't see much of attorney Baek during these two shows until now but she had something set up near the end. She arranged for her 'fake reporter' Kang to be at the fair, he ended up taking pictures of the entire wild scene when people learned that the drinks were poisoned. Baek's plan was to disgrace the police by putting the pictures of the four who saved the people on the internet and to make them heroes, Baek had told the police of the impending attack but they just brushed her off.
 Baek was also able to get video screenshots from the security cameras at the fair. She brought them to the team which still doesn't officially include Jung-Dae but was told by Chae-Won that yes, Da-Ii as unbelievable as it seems is a ghost. On those pictures from the event Yeo-Wool saw one of Gyeol sneaking away, what could he have possibly been doing there? We knew the answer and once Da-Ii found out his cafe had supplied the lemonade he knew who Woo-Hye's cohort was, very quickly him and Yeo-Wool rushed to his residence.

 May have set a record for speed but not for briefness as I don't like to omit too many things in these recaps. Quite an exciting final few minutes in the 16th episode as Da-Ii and Yeo-Wool had arrived at Gyeol's apartment to find him whimpering on his kitchen floor. Gyeol was so overcome with shame that he wants to kill himself, though no person at the fair was poisoned he did do the spiking of the drinks and just can't live with himself after doing that evil act.
 Gyeol was beginning to get a bit out of control and it seemed as he was about to severely hurt his friend Yeo-Wool. That'll never happen with Da-Ii around who quickly jumped between them and then proceeded to pummel Gyeol. Not to just subdue him but it seemed Da-Ii had killing on his mind or should I say in his eyes which started to glow red as for a few moments he was back under the 'spell' of Woo-Hye. It cleared up but not before Yeo-Wool noticed it, now she's starting to wonder what's going on but before she could ask Da-Ii Gyeol's computer beeped with an e-mail.
 Who should be there but Woo-Hye who was contacting the trio via a phone she had stolen off a couple. We see in the background the man beginning to strangle his girlfriend, Woo-Hye told
Da-Ii unless she did what she wanted the man would kill his girlfriend. As he listened to her inane threats it appeared Da-Ii was beginning to flicker in and out, is he about to disappear? Unsure about that incident as I was starting to nod off a bit, not because the show was slow but was just a bit too tired. However the odd number shows always begin with the last 2-3 minutes of the previous episode so will continue on with this superb cliffhanger in the next recap. Also didn't take any screenshots in the final two minutes which could be the main reason I forget the exact details.

 Seems like I've been watching this show for months yet it's only been about four weeks and with this recap just hit the halfway point of this 32 episode series. Korean dramas are just way too long but will say this is one of the few shows I've viewed where there hasn't been a bad episode and can see that continuing until the end. Really want to finish this so I can begin on a few other shows, have such a backlog so not positive what will be up next but am leaning towards the 2015 series "Missing Noir: M". So far will give this drama a very high recommendation, would say it has an excellent chance of ending up my #1 series of the year.