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Monday, December 10, 2018

Mizuki Fukumura: "One Day" DVD screenshots plus promo video part one

 Mizuki is a very popular Idol though really just among the Hello Project fan base. They have such dedicated fans though it's not nearly as large as other ones. Was thinking of Nogi and AKB with those thoughts, how high would Mizuki's popularity be if she was in one of those two groups? Quite high if you ask me as there's probably very few Idols if any that can top her gravure pics but for some reason her mag spreads are far and few between. Least being in Morning Musume means Mizuki can have more photobooks, her fifth one came out at the end of October and will be having those pics soon.

 The "One Day" DVD isn't an official video for the book's photo shoot, there's a shorter video of that and will post those screenshots in the future too. But like the PB it was shot in Hawaii as so many H!P books and videos are. This is Mizuki's second official DVD though she does have so many other gravure videos on YT and all of them are highly recommended. Title for her first one was "Yuubae" which came out in 2016 and to me was better than this new DVD.
 Release date for this was December 5th and sadly there was no event for it. Have watched this a few times already, it's a solid view but the 17 minute(!) opening was just way too long, the final 43 minutes though were quite superb. As the heading says this is part one, it covers the first thirty minutes and actually the DVD should have been a bit longer. After that seventeen minute mark Mizuki looks her usual tremendous self and the pics for part two will be even better. After these screenshots there's a two minute promo video of the DVD.