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Monday, December 10, 2018

Nogizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #21....

 Just remembered it less than a minute ago but Hinako is releasing her first photobook on December 27th, still wish it came out now to take advantage of Christmas sales. My first top ten Nogi fave members list she was in the fourth position as I really, really like her. However the past year or so have been so quiet for Hinako, first she took a leave because of her health and then wasn't selected as a Senbatsu member for the past few singles.
 Least she's still with the group, no spreads featuring her today but bet there will be some upcoming ones for her PB. One person we won't be talking about too much in the future is Yumi who had her graduation concert on December 4th at the Budokan arena. She was a first generation member and so many of them are leaving or at least too many of the more popular ones though at least it appears Mai and Erika will be around for a while.

 Will admit Yumi wasn't a member who I paid a lot of attention to, wasn't that I didn't like her but there were just so many others who I preferred. She has the first set which is a real mini one from the November 15th issue of Tokyo Walker Plus. Pics at the top are from that graduation concert.

 Another first generation member who will be departing is Hina Kawago and that's a name who has been mentioned very rarely here. She's a first generation member too but has been stuck in the Undergirls unit almost her entire time as a Nogi member and she rarely has appeared in magazines. She does have a small solo set for her graduation which is from the January edition of Bubka.

 Also in that issue of Bubka was Asuka who is coming so close to being Nogi's most popular member, she's appeared in more mags than anyone else these past two years and isn't it time for her second photobook? Think we all say yes as she looks so much better at twenty then she did at eighteen which was her age for her first PB.

 This is not one of Nogi's biggest posts but did promise yesterday that I would have one for today. Then again my standards are too high as there's probably over forty new pics. Up next is Nogi's other Hina who really looks so good these days but like too many Undergirls doesn't get enough of a push. This set is from the December 18th issue of Flash.

 Should have saved these pics which are also from the same Flash edition but just may post them again. This final set features Sayuri who I have liked quite a bit though have never done a solo post for her. However the odds are good she'll have her first one within the week as she's releasing her first photobook in two days and there should be an event for it. These pics are outtakes from the PB and it appears she's got some surprises for us....