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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Nogizaka46: The 'Erika Ikuta post' #10- second photobook pics and more....

 Hard to believe this is just Erika's tenth solo post, think I may have missed numbering a few of them. No new mag spreads for today though this may be her best post to date or at least it will be until the scans from her second photobook are published. Thus truly appears to be the best Nogi PB of them all and can't believe how many advance pics that have come out already for it.
 Have over fifty(!) of them for today and could have had more, never recall they're being so many promo pics for a PB but seeing as how they're among the best Nogi pics of all time I'm not complaining. The PB still doesn't have a title for it yet but there's still a month to go until it's released. The date will be January 22nd which also happens to be Erika's 22nd birthday. That pic at the top is one from the book and so isn't this one.........


may be

one of the best

if not best

Nogi pic

of all time....


 When I first saw that pic I was in utter amazement, have often said that Erika has just as good of a figure of any Nogi member. However wasn't prepared for such a breathtaking pic as that one which could be my #1 pic of the year, whewwwwwww!!!!!!!
 Should stop the post right now as there's no way a pic like that can be topped, this second PB could be the top one of all time. As mentioned no new mag spreads for today but bet there will be a slew of them coming out right after the new year. Besides sending us into cardiac arrest Erika has so many other talents such as acting. Erika's been in quite a few musical stage plays and for the second time will be appearing in the "Romeo and Juliet" play. This version will be starting on February 20th which is also when Nogi has four concerts to celebrate their sixth anniversary. Have a few pics for the play that are from a new Interview with the Spice Eplus site.

 Next month will be having a post for Erika's Nogi cards from July to December. Think I had one for the first six months of the year but now forget of that ever happened. Have a few Erika cards today for Halloween, October and the group's "Synchronicity" single.

 Erika is one of the few popular Nogi members who isn't an exclusive model for a fashion company or magazine, perhaps the only one. However she did appear in the November issue of With and these are bonus pics from their site.

 As mentioned a few times a requirement for a solo post is to be paired up with you-know-who!

 Now on to the main reason for this post which are these unbelievable pics for Erika's upcoming second photobook. Hard to surpass the two pics at the very top though some of these come awful close and most are from the photo shoot which took place in NYC. Erika's first PB, which came out three years ago, had a few excellent pics though thought it could have been so much better, sure none of us will be saying that about the new book and once again.... wowowowowowowowowowowow!!