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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

NMB48: 2018 Magazine scans #7....

 Not many new group NMB pics since Sayaka's departure though that top one is and wonder how many, if anyone, can name all of the members in the bottom pic? Had slightly forgotten about Sayaka but will be having another post for her soon, have two recent mag spreads but just waiting to see if there's any other activities for her.
 Have mentioned a few times lately that there's a big slowdown for things this time of year which last until the first week or so in January. Then realized most Japanese magazines skip two weeks for their issues, instead of having two mags they combine issues #1 and 2 then do the same for #3 and 4 which means there are only new spreads every other week.
 NMB have only released three singles since December 2016, like SKE think the reason for the dwindling sales is because of having new singles so infrequently. Their last one came out in October and if management is smart they'll have their next one in March, be nice to see three singles in 2019 which hasn't happened since 2015. Had wanted to have another Miru solo post as she has such a tremendous new mag spread but not much else besides that. That set will end the post off but do have some recent Instagram pics from her, the first and especially the last one each rate an A+.

 Once again no new mag spreads for Sae who I think has become my fave member. however she does do a lot of modeling outside the group and will be having those pics in these posts. A new company that signed her up was AndGeeBee and these are some recent pics from their site.

 Just four new spreads for today but they do add up to be thirty pics or so. Due to the graduation NMB has a new captain who is Karin Kojima, she's someone who rarely gets mentioned around here as I've hardly seen her in mags or at events. But she leads us off today and hopefully we'll be seeing more of her, this set is from Tokyo Walker Plus #42.

 This is another member who I don't recall ever having in a post. That's Naiki Kokoro who will be turning 22 in April and NMB has so many members 21+ who we don't see enough of. This superb set is a missed one from the September issue of EX-Taishu.

 Could have called this the 'seldom seen members' post as we have another gal who has appeared in these group posts though not too often. This is another EX-Taishu spread which is from their December edition, it features Airi Tanigawa who turned 23 exactly two weeks ago.

 Never realized how many gravure videos Miru has on YT, quite a few she has and they're all worth checking out. Have one after this final spread which is naturally the best of the bunch and is from the January issue of BLT, that third pic is such a killer....