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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Erika Toda: "Scarlet" asadora press conference pics plus four(!) new mag spreads....

 After going so long with just a few posts for my top twenty faves now there's back to back ones and let's hope a trend is beginning. Hate to say that Erika only finished 4th on the list as that's quite an achievement considering how many faves I have as you've noticed. The only reason would be because up until 2015 Erika would have been my clear cut choice for being #1, it's not out of the question for her taking that position again if another list is ever done.
 Think it was back in 2014 or so when Erika began losing too much weight, why is a mystery as she was already a thin woman. However the last year she's started to look so much better and those two new pics above can attest to that fact. This has been a busier year for Erika compared to her previous few and 2019 also looks to be a busy year. She does have a film coming out in February titled "The Day's Organ" and will have the trailer for it at the bottom, it just came out today.

 Don't use either these days but once did, those above two make for perfect pics for your desktop. The other terrific Erika news is also at the bottom of the post and it's something I never thought she would do or should I say it's probably never crossed any of her fan's minds.
 Do have all the episodes though haven't begun to watch it yet. Am talking about Erika's current drama "Dai Renai" which only has two(?) shows to go. It is being subbed and it's up next for me once I finish "The Ghost Detective" series which is taking forever but at least it's an excellent show.

 Erika turned thirty back in August, have noticed most actresses or Idols when they're close to that age or over it don't post too often on blogs, Instagram or Twitter. Erika is no different as the only time she ever posts pics is when she's on the set of a drama or film and there's been zero for about a month now. But do have some fabulous mag spreads for today and it's been a while since she's appeared in many of them. With the new film coming out in two months sure we'll be seeing many more spreads and first off is from the December issue of act+ which is a film magazine and their pics are usually odd looking.

 Another spread for this month which is from Mina. That spread is way too small like the three pages following it which are from the January edition of Men's Club.

 Much bigger spread for Erika and she also graces the cover of the December issue Maquia, last two pics are from their site.

 This press conference took place two days ago and the news was truly unexpected. That's of Erika being the star of an NHK asadora series and that's really tremendous news. Have watched many of them but have never finished one as they're so long at 156 fifteen minute episodes. Am planning on watching the current series "Manpaku" which still has many episodes to go.
 Title for the asadora will be "Scarlet", they announce these quite in advance as it won't be starting for about nine months. Erika has the lead role in the drama which takes place in the 1950's, the filming will take place in Koka city which isn't far from her hometown of Kobe. Have plenty of ultra fine looking pics from the press conference which will be the 101st asadora and those shows are extremely popular. For some reason there's no video of the event but will keep my eyes open for one but after the pics have the new trailer for her February film "The Day's Organ".