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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Keyakizaka46: A little bit of this and that for 2018 #??

 This year was kind of up and down for Keya. Thought it was a really good for the individual members as they appeared at so many more events plus three had among the top ten best selling photobooks of the year. On the other hand as a group they didn't do as well and there has been a lot of criticism of them lately which rarely happened.
 One main reason for that is Yurina who once again is taking a hiatus. I really am so tired of her act and to be honest she truly brings very little to Keya who would be much better off without her as so many members are more talented. However management will give her yet another free pass mainly because of the big push they've given her since day one, wouldn't bother me if she decided to graduate. While I'm still a huge fan of Keya can't stand her these days and really only watch videos and listen to the songs she's not involved with.

 On to more positive things, very rarely am critical of groups or people but am really so tired of Yurina bringing the rest of the members whom I really like down. At the top is a CM for Lawson which is a Japanese convenience store and there's also some pics from their site.
 These days at fashion shows Keya seems to have more members take a stroll in the catwalk than Nogi does. The next 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show takes place on January 12th, eight members will be there and it's a mix of Kanji and Hiragana members.

 Wish there more Neru things to post about, she had the best selling solo photobook for 2018 and no matter what people say to me she's the most popular Keya member and one of the more interesting. Enjoy the way she looks at events but she wasn't at this one which featured Yuuka, Yui and Akane who were at a press conference for this year's 'Japan Record Awards' show. The ceremony will be taking place on December 30th and Keya is up for one of the songs of the year.

 Had some Lawson X-Mas pics near the top and here are some more from 2018. Bottom one is from a July event and there was a post for it as both Kanji and Hiragana are featured in their CM's.

 'Fits' is another company Keya is now doing some CM's for, may have one at the bottom of the post and these are some promo pics for them.

 This isn't a huge post but didn't want to let things get dated. First three months of the year there were too many Keya mag spreads to count, these days they're so much fewer save for a couple of members. Keya did release it's first group photobook in November and as expected it's sold like hotcakes, now the question is where's the solo one for Risa? This is a new set of pics promoting the book which is from WPB #1 for 2019.

 Yui I. graduated from Keya at the beginning of November and to me she would have made for an excellent center. Will have one more post for Yui's PB sometime next year(!) and this was a spread that had been missed from the November edition of ar.

 Will end off with this too small of a spread with Neru from the new issue of BLT Graph. After the pics check out a 'Fits' CM, had posted one similar to this but this is a longer version which has over a million views.