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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Keyakizaka46: "Keyakitte, Kakenai?" episode #153 recap

 Been way too long since I've viewed any Keya or Nogi variety shows. Am planning on watching many of them and will be posting about most of the shows but will be skipping the ones of Nogi. The group has just gotten too big and these days not enough first generation members appear on their variety show though may watch a few episodes for the tenth season of 'NOGIBingo'.
 On the other hand only the Senbatsu or Kanji members appear on this show, Hiragana has become so popular in their own right they now have their own show. It's somewhat new as there's only been about 34(?) episodes but unsure whether to start in the twenties or go all the way to the first show. This was the second episode I watched of 'Keyakitte', first one was #152 and have that recap after this one. Lucked out with this show as I just can't get enough of Risa and she was featured in this show with her new best Keya mate Rika Ozeki, there's two Rika's in the group.
EDIT: This recap took longer than expected to write up so will have show #152 in a day or two.

 This pair have become such good friends, there's been so many recent blog pics with the duo plus they seem to do so many other activities together such as hosting radio shows. About two months ago there was a team contest, the top three were considered the winners and they were able to go on location for a show and it could be wherever they wanted. However the pairing of Rika and Risa finished fourth so they got sent to a place not of their choosing.
 Seemed like a fun location which was the 'Pleasure Forest' center at Lake Sagami, it's a bit of a adventure resort. It's a very popular place with one of the main attractions being the Goosebump Colosseum. It's about six or so stories tall and there's so many obstacles that an adventurous person can try, the pair for today were certainly not too adventurous but they were quite willing.

 As you can see in the middle screenshot a viewer sent in a request and wanted to hear a pair of Keya members scream, there was some though not as much as you would think. Also above is a pic of the main attraction, sure looks like a fun place on a sunny day. It was anything but sunny though as it was raining cats and dogs, at first there was a discussion on whether the adventure should be cancelled but our gals were troopers so the show went on.
 Rika and Risa ended up attempting five of the 'obstacles' or perhaps challenges would be a better word. First off was the Springs where they needed to cross on small springy objects and both accomplished the feat. Least on this show Rika doesn't appear to be agile or athletic, Risa does though and always thought she was that way but these shows never have enough athletic events.

 As you can see our heroes each wore a harness so there was no way they would drop the six stories. Actually the cameraman was in more danger as it appeared he didn't wear one. That bottom screenshot was for the gal's second challenge which was called Ropes. Once again the pairing of Rika and Risa were able to successfully complete the challenge plus once again it was Risa who did it fairly quickly unlike Rika.
 Up next was the challenge of Footloose and each new one does get a bit tougher. It consisted of swinging 'rope steps' the gals had to step in and make it to the other side. May sound easy but those ropes were wet from the rain plus it was windy at that height. Risa always went first, all of the obstacles are solo efforts and for a change she struggled as she couldn't make it across without falling. If Risa couldn't accomplish the task then the odds were slim for Rika and the odds were correct as she also failed at this challenge.

 Challenge #4 was called 'The Bird' as you can see in the above screenshot. You grab on to the bird and in one swoop you're supposed to make it to the other side. Have tried a ride like that and it is a fun challenge but it wasn't for our two Keya members. As usual Rika went first, perhaps it's because she's too small but she didn't come close to reaching the other side and failed again.
 Thought Risa would have no problem with the bird and it appeared as though she wouldn't. Risa made it to the other side and was able to touch it with a foot but just couldn't hang on long enough and slid back. Big disappointment for all us Risa fans and if she couldn't do it probably no Keya member could, that's two challenges in a row the pair weren't successful at.

 The Swinging Balance Beam was the final challenge and it's the only one the pair did at the same time. The beams were a bit slippery because of the rain plus they were swinging, Rika led off and she was able to make it to the other side to make it three successful challenges for her. Right behind her was Risa but the evil Rika had a devilish trick lined up. Just before Risa could make it to the other side Rika started shaking the beam on her to make her fall off, thought these two were the best of friends but our heroine Risa completed the challenge.
 All of that activity built up an appetite so the pair were brought to a local landmark. That restaurant was called Dream Farm which has the best pizza in the area. However Rika and Risa were set up a bit as instead of delicious pizza they were served eggplant pizza. Risa was a food critic on an older episode and once again critiqued the food, she was trying to be nice about it but didn't have many nice things to say about the pizza, there was also a ton of salt thrown on the pizza.

 Another request came in from a viewer which was that they wanted to see Rika get zapped by electricity again, it happened on an older show. She was hooked up to a machine, Risa was the one controlling it and she could zap her at any time. She always waited until Rika had food in her mouth and then hit the button, sure the charge wasn't too powerful or at least not like the static machines on the 'AKBingo!' shows.
 Risa could have taken advantage much more with the button, especially after Rika had swung the beams on her in the previous challenge but she didn't go overboard with the zapping. The final few minutes were just of the two close friends talking about their lives and Keya, the conversation was so boring it put the hosts and other members to sleep. Risa did admit she's just way too quiet, especially on the variety shows. She keeps kicking herself for being that way but she has such a hard time changing, have noticed how quiet she usually is and sometimes you don't even notice she's one of the members on a show.

 Had taken a break from these shows as I thought they had hit a bad rut and were becoming so boring. Plus as mentioned at the top can't get enough of Risa who is coming close to being my number one Idol so picked a good show to recap first. This episode was a decent watch and glad I decided to begin viewing it again. Did watch #152 which was going to be the post below this one but this took longer than expected to write up so will do that post in another day or two.
 This show aired on October 28th and am planning on watching all of them since then which is easy enough as they're only 25 minutes long. Though it's such a short show have a ton of screenshots so you can see everything that happened in this episode.