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Friday, July 3, 2020

"Born Again" drama: Episode's five and six recap

 Air Dates: April 20th to June 9, 2020.... Monday and Tuesday nights at 10:00 pm on KBS2
 Ratings for the two episodes were 2.8 and 3.5%, KBS2 isn't too major of a channel

Main Cast: The characters changed much sooner than I expected, they original three main ones were only in the first four episodes. That action took place in the late 1980's, now it's early March 2020 and the top three have been reincarnated, show what their previous names were. Much bigger cast for this period of time, will be adding to it as characters are introduced or at least the more important ones.

Jin Se-Yeon as Jung Sa-Bin(was Ha-Eun)....~31 year old woman who is a professor of Archaeology at the University of Seoyeon, also an NFS medical examiner. Like her original character had a heart condition but unlike Ha-Eun Sa-Bin has had a heart transplant.

 Lee Seo-Yuk as Kim Soo-Hyeok(was Cha).... In his previous life Kim was a detective and has remained fighting criminals but is now a prosecutor and a very ruthless one. He has a phtotographic memory and remembers everything about a criminal

 Jang Ki-Yong as Chun Jong-Bun(was Ji-Cheol).... He looks so much different than his original character, in present time Chun is a foresenics student and is at the top of his class. He comes from a wealthy family and his father is the head prosecutor for Seoul

The Rest of the cast....

 Choi Kwong-Ii as Chun Seok-Tae.... Jong-Bun's father though not his real one
Kim Jung-Young as Heo Jin-Kyung.... Jong-Bun's mother and quite a snob
Park Sang-Hoon as Chun Jong-Woo.... Jong-Bun's half brother

Han Hae-Rim as Yoo Seo-Young.... Sa-Bin's partner at NFS
Lee Seo-El as Baek Sang-A.... Kim's girlfriend
 Jang Won-Young as Joo In-Do.... Cha's partner in the 80's, is still a detective.

NFS- you'll be seeing these letters quite often which stand for 'National Forensics Service'

Many others in the cast but the majority of them are just in a few episodes but do have a feeling the above will be updated a few times.

Every post will have two episodes and was thinking it may make it much easier to follow a drama if you're interested in it. Most of the time I would do 2-4 recaps a week which means it'd take about five or more weeks to do them all. It's easy to forget what happened in a show if you have to wait a week for a post and perhaps a viewer would lose interest in reading them. So this way you can read what took place from the very first minute until the final one, for now that's the plan. There's also going to be a new video at the top of each post, could be a promo, scene from a show, etc.

 Those first two recaps may have been the longest ones I've ever done. Perhaps I should stop worrying about if a post will be too long and just relate what took place in a pair of episodes, if it's long that's the way it is as that usually means quite a few interesting happenings took place. Was surprised that the the original characters from the 1980's were only in four shows, the three main ones forget the past as they've been reincarnated but on occasion do have flashbacks of the past that only last for a few seconds. As in the first recap will focus on one of three main characters to introduce them and for the remaining posts will do my usual style of recapping. That first pic is of Sa-Bin being menaced after she tried to save an older woman. Forgot to add that in the opening segment but that scene only lasted a few moments as the lunatic ran off when a prosecutor arrived.

 Will begin off with my main reason for viewing this series which is Se-Yeon. Her character has come a long way, from a used bookstore owner in 1988 to an NFS medical examiner and Professor of Archaeology in 2020. But of course she and the other two main characters were reincarnated so they remember zero about their past though all on occasion have a brief flashback lasting a second or two from their previous lives. Right off the bat it's Sa-Bin who has contact with the two who were also reincarnated and if you read the last recap you know all three died at the top of a snowy mountain.

 Sa-Bin is a professor at the prestigious University of Seoyeon and she just loves her work. Sa-Bin is mainly responsible for the remains of skeletons and bodies that are uncovered which is what she teaches in her courses. But her more important responsibility is working for the NFS as a medical examiner along with her partner Yoo. When the police discover the remains of a body whether it's still intact or just a skeleton she's called in to recreate their life and to give those remains a name. Also to hopefully discover how the person was killed but Sa-Bin is so much more interested in the remains of centuries old skeletons.

 Sa-Bin and her partner were called in to help on a serial killer case, to date ten have been murdered and did the police discover the skeleton of the eleventh? The incident took place near the Donggang river and according to Sa-Bin the remains were of a person killed during the 1980's. That of course meant the skeleton wasn't a newly murdered person. A very strange corpse as it was still holding a wedding ring and somehow a copy of "Wuthering Heights" though most of the printing had disappeared. Need to go back in time with this skeleton as what was discovered were the remains of Cha who had been Sa-Bin's boyfriend back in the 80's and that book had been her favorite. She didn't realize she was looking at her former soon-to-be-husband but in an even more bizarre coincidence who should the prosecutor be at the scene but Kim!!!! Hadn't introduced him yet but he's the reincarnation of Cha.

 So that was certainly an odd discovery and what happened with the other two bodies? They could still be on the snowy mountain as Cha's body had been moved from his place of death plus when he perished her wasn't holding a copy of "Wuthering Heights". To me the people behind the body being moved were the assistants of Gong's father who had been keeping tabs on his son and could they possibly have destroyed the other two bodies? Still 26 episodes to go so perhaps that'll be discussed later on. Sa-Bin had brought the skeleton back to her lab but it being exposed to air did heavy damage to it as the body disintegrated leaving only bones. But Sa-Bin is an expert examiner and was able to deduce much of what the body looked like and how it was killed.

 Let's move on to Jong-Bum who back in the 80's had been Ji-Cheol. His father had been the serial killer of ten women and even Ji-Cheol killed a woman, of course the details are in the above posts. Jong-Bum looks so much different than his previous character who had such long hair and looked like a bum. These days Jong-Bum is a decent looking chap of 25 who attends the University of Seoyeon studying forensics. He's in one of Sa-Bin's lectures and often during class questions how she came up with certain theories which does annoy her at times.

 Jong-Bum is an extremely intelligent person who wants to learn much more about forensics and had been hounding Sa-Bin to let him sit in when she examines a body. Sa-Bin will let him but it didn't take place this episode, to her Jong-Bum needs to be more courteous to remains as even though they're dead they still deserve much respect. Jong-Bum is also the heartthrob of every young girl on campus though to them his background is a bit mysterious. Rumor has it that Jong-Bum killed someone when he was fifteen, that could have happened as he was sent to America at the age to visit an uncle and was it perhaps to take the heat off that possible crime?

 Jong-Bum comes from a very wealthy family, above is him with his mother. That's his real one but the current father isn't as Jong-Bum had been created from the sperm of his dead father. The scene explaining that only lasted a dew seconds and sure more will be coming out about his birth. But that father was a very intelligent doctor and Jong-Bum seems to have inherited his 'smart genes'. But all is not well at home as his father wouldn't mind seeing him move out while his step-brother is such an annoying brat. In one other bizarre occurrence at the age of four Jung-Bum had painted a picture of a snowy mountain though he had no training plus he had no idea what the mountain represented. We do as what Jong-Bum painted was the location where he killed himself thirty years ago.

 There are many other characters who we met but as of now none have played important roles but I'm sure that'll be changing and will discuss them more in future recaps. Now on the final main character who was reincarnated. that's Kim and he was Cha in his previous life. Cha had been a detective and Kim has remained in the crime field as he's now a prosecutor for the Seoul office. He's on the Excavation team which means he needs to check out the remains of murdered people, try to discover their identities and how they were killed.

 Kim is such a serious person and have only seen him smile when a criminal gets sent away or arrested. But he does have a girlfriend named Sang-A who we only saw in one scene but with the couple planning on getting married we should be seeing much more of her. Of course Kim didn't realize the skeleton they found at the river was his old self, he would have no clue that he was reincarnated. But he did take the "Wuthering Heights" novel with him which may have been an unknown mistake.

 Ever since Kim brought the book with him he's been having many intense headaches plus some frightening nightmares, could they be related to the "Wuthering Heights" book? His cases with the serial killer and new skeleton haven't been going well. First the remains of the 'mummy' disintegrated plus the media found out about it even though he forbid the story from being released. Byun is the name of the possible serial killer who Kim arrested and is in a psych ward at present. Doesn't appear Byun killed all ten women but at the ward he met an unnamed man Kim had sent away, he told Kim of that which sent shivers up his spine.

 That kind of wraps things up, as I said in the last recap no need to describe every single event or detail. But did miss one key thing which has to deal with Sa-Bin. Her old character Ha-Eun had needed a heart transplant, before it could happen she had been killed on the mountain. Her reincarnated character Sa-Bin appears to have had a heart transplant(!) and one from a person on death row, that was from a brief newspaper article and know more details will be revealed. That screenshot is near the top of the post.

 Wow, so much was thrown at us in 61 minutes and it does take a scorecard to keep track of all of these characters and developments. So far it's been a solid show but there's a long, long way to go with thirteen(!) more recaps, from what I've read things become much more complicated. Plenty of screenshots as usual to end off with, as mentioned just thirteen more recaps!