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Monday, July 13, 2020

Manami Hashimoto: "Manami by Kishin" photobook scans

 For a change will be having quite a few posts coming up though not for the next two days. But from Thursday to Sunday expect many more posts than you've been used to these days and kind of hoping this slowdown on activities is easing up. Here's a fave that hasn't been seen here for many years and can't give a reason on why that's happened. Manami is one of my top gravure models of all time, not #1 but in a way she may be the hottest of them all. Back in 2016 she finished fourth on my yearly list, then after a post in January 2017 stopped posting about her. She did slow down on her mag spreads and gravure work but there was still plenty to post about her. Kept saying I needed to begin posting about this huge fave of mine again but it never worked out but will be changing that.

 Manami will be turning 36(!) on August 8th but even at her age how many are more dazzling than her? Very few and it got me thinking of the ages of the women who have had photobooks posted here. Manami was thirty when this PB came out and broke down the gals into two groups. One is of women aged 20 to 27, the other 28 and older. Of course that first group has so many more photobooks but quality wise I think the women's books who are aged 28+ are so much better.

 Think so many of you agree with me on that as a prime example would be Kyoko who has had five books since turning thirty and those posts are the most popular ones here. Plus the above post featured Minami who is 33 yet has the top selling PB of all time and there's also Rika who has had two books since hitting the age of 28, her first PB is my #1 of all time. There's others I didn't mention but really wish we would see more photobooks from older faves who aren't really that old.

 Whew, can any gal ten years her junior top a pic like that?! Though this is Manami's first post since 2017 it's her 15th one overall and still not sure what made me stop posting about her. On the bright side that means here's someone I can do a lot of posts for but won't right away. Did mention that Manami is turning 36 on August 8th so will have some posts around that date. Know there's been many things such as mag spreads and events that have been missed over those three years so will have some of them plus hopefully some newish pics from this year.
 If there's one thing I don't like about Manami is that she's the biggest 'tease' I've posted about. There's a few examples of it in this book but no woman has come so close to disrobing yet never has completely and she knows exactly what she's doing. The book's title refers to the photographer who is supposed to be an elite one yet who needs talent taking pics of her!!!! This is Manami's fifth photobook, she's had a few since then including one that came out in January. The pics are of course superb though will admit I do like some of her other books and huge pictorials slightly more, there's a total of 76 in this PB and the book was released on December 3, 2014.