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Saturday, July 25, 2020

SKE48: Akane Takayanagi's "Itsuka, omoidashita koto" photobook scans....

 My interest in J-Pop music has really waned these last few years. Sure I do so many posts for Nogi but in a way their music is almost secondary these days as they have so many other activities which are usually interesting and enjoyable. But as far as music goes it just hasn't been the same to me since C-ute disbanded three years ago. To me their tunes were so much better than any other group and really think having only five members made a huge difference. But right after them the tunes from SKE were my second faves from any group and had been that way for a while.

 But what's happened to them these last few years? This is just the fourth post for the group or a member since last October, kind of odd that Akane had the last solo post. SKE has had one single this year after just having one in 2019, that song was aptly titled "Frustration" which is the state they're leaving their fans in. Kind of at a loss on what to say as there's been no single postponed nor I think a tour either. I really miss the members as SKE is one of the older groups which was a big reason for me remaining a fan plus I've always thought their members are the hottest. Let me work on things for a bit to try to get a few posts for the gals as something must have happened over the last six months. Will attempt to have a group post(s) soon as they're also a bit popular around here, perhaps most viewer's #1 group after Nogi.

 Above is an ex-fave someone seldom seen these days and I do miss her. Title of this photobook means 'Thanks for the Memories', it was supposed to be a sendoff for Akane's graduation. The book was released on March 4th, at the end of the month her farewell concert was going to be held. But because of the crisis in Japan that was cancelled and Akane has remained a member of SKE though the group hasn't done much of anything these last few months. No new date has been set for her departure so maybe that means she'll appear on their next single which would be their 27th.

 This PB may not appeal to many as it was a graduation book looking back on Akane's eleven years with the group, she'll be turning 29 in November. For her first photobook the pics were taken in Thailand, this time around the destination was Vietnam as she really enjoys SE Asia. About a 1/3 of the book includes pics with the other SKE gals from the past decade but really wish there were many more solo pics. The book was a mess as far as order goes but did try to straighten it out a bit. First off are some pics from the areas of Da Nang and Hoi An, following them are the best and sexiest pics from the book. Then there's a huge amount of SKE group pics and end off with some text messages from her. Akane looks quite fabulous in those bedroom and beach scenes, as mentioned just wish there more but all in all think a graduation book should look like this one. There's a total of 109 pics for any(many?) fans to enjoy.