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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Nanase Nishino: Somehow even more recent tidbits....

 At one time it wasn't much of a milestone to reach the 100 post mark as by the end of 2016 sixteen were there with a few above two hundred. But now it's certainly become a milestone as just five since then have hit triple digits for posts and in all honesty can only see 3-4 more ever making it. Seems so many of my older faves with 70+ posts have kind of disappeared or I've lost interest in them. Does take a while to hit 100 if you think about it, that's a post a month for over nine years so the six who have 200+ post have really done something special. Out of those four have hit the 300+ post mark but for the most part seem to only post about one of those massive faves these days who will hit the 400 post mark and may be the only person ever.

 Of course I'm talking about Nanase who now has 386 of them, nobody will ever top her for having the most posts. Don't think there will be fourteen posts for her in the next five months so would target next March as when this once in a lifetime achievement will take place. In the beginning it did help being in Nogi as so many of those posts were from group ones but I would say of Nanase's last seventy or so posts 65 have been solo ones.

 Looks like she's already celebrating but for some reason I wasn't invited.... again! So of those four that will probably make it to a hundred one will be a Nogi member but to me the next one to hit that milestone will be the person who will probably be #1 for this year.

 And am fairly sure right after the above hits the 100 post mark Nanase's one time mate will be the next person but who we seldom see together these days. Am talking about Risa and with all that's going on with Keya I'm not 100% positive these days she'll hit the mark. Of course will work hard for her to make it but lately it's become so difficult to have posts for her. But in five days her 22nd birthday will be taking place so should have a post for that occasion.

 Those top two pics were from the Autumn/Winter 'Girls Award' show that took place in September 2017, some of Nanase's solo stroll on the catwalk.

 One more batch of older pics, have used up my collection of 'NogiKoi' cards so have been having ones from their SSR collection. There weren't as many of those cards which were mainly for special Nogi happenings such as singles, concerts or holidays. Think there hasn't been any new ones since 2018 but I like these cards best from all of Nogi's sets.

 Tomorrow the second episode of "Unsung Cinderella" will be airing. If you read the recap for the first show you know I thought it was just a so-so episode but it does show promise. It airs on Fuji-TV and these are new interview pics from their site.

 Nanase plays the character of Kurimu Ihara who is a newbie pharmacist at a large hospital. She did have much screen time in the first show though her character didn't seem too important but that could be because Ihara was a rookie. Will be giving the next two shows a view so hope it improves and if it does may end up recapping the entire series.

 Now on to a trio of mag spreads, this first one is from the July 28th issue of Flash which is promoting the drama.

 Nanase is the 'Woman of the Month' for Tokyo Calendar, it is a regular magazine but you can also find the pics at their site. There's a short video of the photo shoot and that'll be at the bottom.

 Of course we can't have a post without many superb recent pics from the Non-no site.

 Nanase is the cover girl for Non-no's September issue, first time she's had that honor in a while and after the pics check out that short video from Tokyo Calendar.