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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Nogizaka46: A little bit of this and that for 2020 #19....

 Quite a few Nogi posts the past week but for the the entire month it probably was their usual amount and for July that total will end up being seventeen posts with most being solo ones. But for the past
4-5 weeks things have gotten so much better as I've been able to do posts for so many of my bigger faves and most of you know what a struggle that was for so long. Am really hoping to have another post for today, if this is still the top post by 9:00 pm EDT then it didn't work out but will attempt to have it for tomorrow.

 No real reason why Yuuri began this post off save for the fact it's been exactly one year since her graduation. She was such a fave of mine and would be in my all time top ten list for members which is one that I've never tried doing.... yet. Nothing else for her today but do have a few new pics for a pair of other graduates and will always include their happenings in these posts. Bit of an odd post in a way as there's over seventy new pics but there's just that something about them which is hard to explain, perhaps they don't mesh well together or there's no central theme(s)?

 Within the week will have the pics from Manatsu's second photobook, it's been out for close to four months now. There's five more months to go in the year and after having four books come out from January to May are there going to be any more Nogi photobooks for 2020? Have a feeling the answer could be no but hope I'm wrong on that but then again if you think about it what member without a PB deserves one? Actually Minami U. to me does but have been saying that for a year....

 No Yuki for this post and if you read her last post then you've learned she's become the most popular person here or at least for posts the past four months. But will have a post for her in about ten days as there's a few new mag spreads coming out plus her first film "Grand Blue" is coming out next weekend. Will have some pics from an event that was held for the movie two days ago.

 In all honesty know virtually nothing about digital download singles, such as what would impressive sales figures be? "Route 246" is Nogi's first major single in that vein, it came out last Friday and in it's first three days was downloaded 33,400 times according to Oricon to rank fourth in sales last week. That seems a bit low to me and the past two days the sales have dropped a bit more, number one for last week had 53,000 in sales. Perhaps there's more fans like myself than I thought as I much prefer the hard copy of an album or single.

 In some recent solo posts have been including some of Nogi's SSR/A cards, there's not as many though as their promo ones for the 'NogiKoi' app game. This is the first time there's been some cards in a group post so decided to start off with a pair of Nogi's 'heavyweights'. Asuka has the honor of being the first member to have those cards in a group post, some are b-day cards and her 22nd one is coming up in ten days. Following her is Mai, have missed posting about her as it's been over two months since her last solo one. Still no word about when she'll be leaving Nogi or if there will be an official farewell concert. SSR cards are special ones for singles, concerts, birthdays, etc.

 More Asuka and these are new modeling pics from the Bis magazine site.

 Have some graduate pics and will continue to include them for my bigger faves who have left Nogi. Reika was the group's first captain and departed last September, she's a model for one site plus has been doing a lot of stage plays. One coming up is "Flash Dance" and these are from a Modelpress interview promoting the play, here's the link for all of the info on the play:  Reika

 Misa was such a huge fave of mine for so long and would be in my all time top five member's list. Her modeling career is going well and these are new pics form the Bijin Hyakka site.

 Do like these pics much better which are for Stola's Autumn/Winter collection.

 Hina's modeling career has been doing well too as she's an exclusive model for JJ, these fine pics are from their September issue.

 One more mag spread and Mizuki is the cover girl for the September edition of CanCam.

 Will end off with some new pics for 'Charge' as Nogi is promoting yet another company. They have a few CM's coming out for them soon but at their YT site there's only one short CM but they do a longer video of the members talking about the card, you can view it after the pics.