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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Haruka Fukuhara: Little bit of this and that....

 Haruka finished eighth on the first preliminary list for this year's top twenty faves though only had sixteen on that first list. Eighth is where she ended up last year and it's hard to understand why Haruka didn't move up a few notches as I do like her more with each passing day. Guess that means the competition is quite tough again this year which is the way I like it. Didn't set out to do it but think Haruka is one of only two faves to have a post each month for the year, there could possibly be a third. This is also her 30th post and while not a milestone is an achievement as I've really only been doing posts for her since April of last year.

 The key to my heart(?), obviously must have a huge one according to her looking at the size of that key!!!! Haruka is only so-so popular here though I think she does have a biggish fan base. Out of the twenty Japanese woman who had four or more posts for the first half of the year her posts were the 14th most popular ones by their average views per post. When you view that 'Ten Most Viewed Posts From the Past Thirty Days' section on the right hand side it's not that often a non-Nogi post is among the ten unless it's for a photobook.
 Haruka has made the list twice which is an achievement as it seldom happens to an actress, obviously someone dressing skimpy is what most people prefer. Let's get to the new items and it's kind of an odd post as there's no new mag spreads nor event pics. But speaking of the latter do have some Haruka pics that were missed from the beginning of the year. This fine batch is from the January 13th 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show that was held in Shizouka. Think I did post some pics from the show but not these as she made a second stroll on the catwalk.

 Bit of a slowdown lately for Haruka as an actress. Her last drama ended in March, she's done two guest spots on shows since then but has nothing lined up as far as dramas or films go and she probably needs a mini break, However she just released her third single since last August which is titled "Kaze Ni Fukarete" and it's the ending theme song to the 'Kaguya-sama: Love is War' anime. The single was released two weeks ago, it did well in week one selling 3,655 copies to hit #15 on the charts which is her biggest success to date.

 So the bulk of new pics for today are of Haruka promoting the single from some websites. Those might not sound like terrific pics but you're wrong as all of hem rate an easy A++++! Such as this first batch from the 'Tokyo What's In' site and here's the link to the interview: What's In

 Somehow some even better pics from the 'Abema-TV Times' site, that's the channel the anime is on and the link to the interview: Abema

 One last batch of interview pics, don't know what others think but to me these all are so superb. They're from the 'Fanthology!' site which is one I had never heard of and need to see if any of my other faves have a feature there: Fanthology

 Haruka has never been a person who posts many pics on a social media site which I think is a plus. But she does have some fabulous new pics from her seldom used Instagram page and it's probably to help promote her new single.

 Below this post are some for a movie review which is something I hadn't done for about a year. By the end of the month will be reviewing the "Kakegurui" film that came out last year. Haruka wasn't in season one and only had two brief guest appearances in season two but her role in the movie is quite large. Besides doing reviews for a movie will be doing an intro post featuring pics from events, interviews and the like.

 She looked so utterly amazing at the film's premiere....

 Didn't think this was going to end up being a huge post but was wrong which is becoming the norm for me. Will end off with this set from the June issue of BLT Graph which was in her last post, it didn't garner a massive amount of views so will have an encore of it in case you missed it. Isn't Haruka one of the more beautiful women I post about? To me she is and would say she has the third most attractive face of anyone I post often about. After the pics have kind of a fun medley of some new CM's.