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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

"He Won't Kill, She Won't Die" movie intro post

 Mentioned last week that I was taking a mini break from watching dramas and doing recaps. Wanted to view a few more films or should I say review them as it's somehow been about a year since there's been a film review. Do watch many of them, perhaps twenty a month but usually on my DVD player as I must have a collection of a thousand films. Rarely do posts for those movies as the vast majority are from the early 1960's until the mid 80's and sure most wouldn't be into older movies but if you are let me know.
 The movies back then were so much better in my opinion but there are some newer ones I'll be checking out and will be doing reviews for. The big advantage for newer films is that there can be mini intro posts such as this one with pics from interviews, events or the movie's premiere. Not a huge intro post but do have about forty pics from some events for this film which came out last November. Did enjoy watching it, there's two posts following this one for the review and did give it a solid grade of 8.5/10. Have no schedule for when these reviews will be done but will try to have one about every ten days but hopefully not that large of a gap.

 Have been saying that "Kakegurui" would be up next and it just could be. But am leaning towards watching a trio of unknown Nogi horror flicks that came out in 2014 and really flew under the radar. So am thinking that "Death Blog" may be up next, it's forty minutes shorter which means I could get the review done by the weekend.
EDIT: And "Death Blog" was the choice! It's a 73 minute film and have watched the first half. Kind of a so-so movie so far but it's been passable, it stars Kana from Nogi. It was released back in 2014 and two other lesser members also starred in a horror film back then so perhaps will view all of them in a row. The three films are virtually unknown as there's so little info about them out there so I'd be the first to review any of them.

 The main male lead was the character of Rei who was played by Shotaro Mamiya. Just did six recaps for the "Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store" drama from 2016, his character in that series was just so stoic which was also the case in the film. But my main reason for wanting to view this movie was of course Hinako who is such a massive fave of mine. Last year she finished fifth on my top twenty faves list, perhaps she won't be as high this year but can see her being in the top ten.
 Sadly Hinako isn't too popular around here but she gets my blood boiling more than almost any other woman. She has a new drama beginning next Wednesday which I'll be checking out and hopefully can have a post for her within the next week or two. Have a few pics which had been posted before but thought they'd be a nice way to lead into the review posts. This first set is from an interview Hinako did last October promoting the film for the Hustle Press site.

 The movie had it's first showing last November 5th at the 32nd 'Tokyo International Film Festival', Hinako looked just so amazing to me.

 To end off this mini post have some pics from the film's November 15, 2019 premiere mainly of
you-know-who and following the pics is a longish video of the event.