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Friday, July 17, 2020

Hinako Sakurai: Few recent happenings....

 Sigh, guess no matter how many posts I do for Hinako or how high she finishes on my fave's lists she'll always be the most unpopular Japanese woman here. Last year her posts drew the lowest average of views for anyone who had six or more posts, the total was 28 who hit that figure. For the first half of this year Hinako has retained her title(!) though at least that average is higher than I expected. Know someone has to be the most unpopular and hate to see anyone have that honor(?) but why does it have to be such a huge fave of mine?

 Hinako started out the year slow as she only had one post in three months but now she's hit the six required to be eligible for this year's 'Top Twenty Faves' list. In 2019 her position was fifth which may have surprised a few viewers, think currently I'd have her in about the seventh spot. Lot of pics for today but not all are new, most are for Hinako's new drama that began Wednesday.
 Though not a fave of many here she must have many fans in Japan as Hinako often has the lead role in the dramas and films she appears in. About two weeks ago reviewed her 2019 film "He Won't Kill, She Won't Die" which I thought was a superb film, think I gave it a rating of 8.5/10.

 Will end off with some screenshots for the new drama. Not too much promoting for the series or should I say not many pics as Hinako and her co-star did do about five interviews yet the sites all had the same pics, title of the show is "Furo Girl" and these are those interview pics.

 Actually Hinako did do a solo interview which was with Hustle Press, these are some terrific pics from their site.

 Hinako has had a Line blog for many years, wish she had more pics but always keeps her fans informed on her activities. On the blog she did announce that she'll be appearing in a special TV  movie airing tonight on NTV called "Today Is Me" which is part of their Friday Road Show series. She also has a YT site if you want to check it out: YT Channel

 That bottom pic was a from a video she did with the comedy duo Time Machine. Have a pair of new mag spreads but as is usually the case both are just way too small. First three pics are from the July 27th issue of Big Comic Spirits while the rest are from the July 13th Shukan Bunshun.

 Will have an encore viewing of this set that's from the travel web magazine Tabiiro. Seeing as Hinako's posts draw the lowest amount of views sure most haven't seen these fine pics and she was their 'Woman of the Month' for May.

 Hinako has done a few CM's for Primavista cosmetics, have her new one at the bottom of the post.

 Will be ending off with a very brief recap of her new "Furo Girl" drama, Hinako has the lead role in the show and plays the character of Sayoko. Of course the episode wasn't subbed but most of her dramas and films do end up with subs so am hoping that's the case for this series. An episode is only 25 minutes in length, it airs on TV-Tokyo Wednesday nights at 12:58 am and most late night dramas are always better than prime time shows.
 Sayoko is an OL though we never saw her at the office. This entire first show featured Sayoko at her tiny apartment and what a quirky young gal she is. Her passion is taking baths(!) and it's a momentous occasion when she takes her nightly one. Sayoko creates special soaps and such for her soothing baths and though not subbed it was easy enough to follow what she was doing and thinking. Of course that bath scene wasn't overly suggestive but it did have me trying to peer over her shoulder. That scene isn't on YT so have that newish Primavista CM after the screenshots.