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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Nogizaka46: Mai Shinuchi's.... 2020 picture collection(?) part one....

 Hope you enjoyed that above post, this year's 'Nogizaka 46 Hours TV' has been the best to date. What I've enjoyed the most is learning so much more about many of the members, when you watch their variety shows you truly learn so little. Mai really could be the Idol who would make for the best girlfriend or perhaps even wife. She likes to put back a few pints at the local pub though it must be hard for her or other members to go out to them. Plus she's into other J-Pop groups, likes manga, movies and many other things. Many may remember too that Mai was an OL for years working for Sony, she's been a host of a radio show since 2016 plus on July 7th began as a co-host on a new variety show called 'Is This Just Me?' so what a well rounded person she is.

 Too many fans put their fave Idols on such a high pedestal and really wish they wouldn't. It's true there's many I really adore but have always tried to keep it at a lowish level. But to me it's somewhat okay to put someone such as Mai up there and she's been one of my top three Nogi members for a long time. But kind of wonder if she's that popular here or with Nogi fans in Japan? Her first and only photobook came out in November 2017, out of the 35 individual Nogi books she ranks 33rd as far as sales go! What a shame as that was one fine PB but it got sandwiched in between two other Nogi books plus a pair from Keya so at the time it didn't get enough publicity. One last tidbit about Mai, she's 28 1/2 in age and is Nogi's oldest member by about seven months. I'd love to see her stick around until she was thirty or even older, so far there's been zero graduation rumors but how often are there?

 This is kind of a big post at over seventy pics but in a way it's also small as there aren't too many different varieties of them. Have mentioned often how three of my top five Nogi members don't get enough solo posts but have many pics in group ones. So said I would collect those pics and have 'greatest pics' posts for the trio, have had two already. But unsure if there will be a part two for any of the gals, if a slow stretch happens again then definitely will. But doing these posts helps me for the yearly faves list for a new rule this year was that an Idol or Korean actress only needs four solo posts or 250 pics as it's so much more difficult having posts for either one of them.

 Bet Mai has about 160 pics for the year so there should be no problem for her qualifying for the yearly list. We're about to end the seventh month of 2020 so what I did for today was to go back half of that time or until April 15th with these pics. There are a few new ones sprinkled in too plus I didn't include every pic from April until now, perhaps will have the missing ones in Mai's possible second 'greatest pics' post. Will begin off with some promo cards for the 'NogiKoi' app game, in future group posts look for their SSR/A cards which I've recently started to include in posts.

 Few new pics from last Friday's 'Music Station' show where Nogi performed their new digital single "Route 246", save for the bottom pic these are from an interview after their performance.

 Besides Mai's segment on the '46 Hours TV' show she also made an appearance on the 'Restaurant Manatsu' segment. Did a recap of that a few days ago which was another fun watch and also one where we learned quite a few other things about some Nogi members.

 Mai has been an exclusive model for Oggi since May 2019, her pics at their site are my faves for her but wish she would appear in more mags.

 Speaking of mags about a spread from the May issue of BLT with my current #1 member, they also had a 'pairs post' back in March.

 Mai is also an exclusive model for the andGirl site and mag, some pics from the site. Few of these are new ones and so weren't some in that batch from Oggi.

 More pics from andGirl, bottom two are from their May issue and doesn't she deserve more than that? But the top six are from their April edition and she's looking mighty superb, as a matter of fact I have a strong feeling I had never posted them before and had been waiting for a solo post.

 In that above post for the '46 Hours TV' special Mai was asked what the best part of her body was? She of course answered 'her legs' and why not as to me she has the best of any Idol and maybe of anyone I post about. So will end off with these utterly perfect pics to prove why I've thought that way for years. Know it's not an exciting video but after the pics have one from her July 8th 'All Night Nippon' show and has there ever been a better pairing?