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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Yui Kobayashi: "Kanjo no Kozu" photobook scans

 Here's a perfect way to begin the month off with and though the pics aren't exactly perfect they're not too far off. I do have four more Idol photobooks and what the plan is to have one every other Wednesday for the next eight weeks, of course if I obtain others will be posting them too. Know those upcoming posts will be more popular than this one as three of the books are for Nogi members, one is from NMB whose PB may be the best of the four. There's something I've noticed the past few years and don't know if anyone else has but I'm sure a few have.
 That's of how many Nogi/Keya photobooks are shot in Europe. Probably missing a few but since the beginning of 2017 there's been two books, like today's, that were shot in England. Three times members traveled to Italy and it's islands, two photo shoots were done in Paris while some other countries were Germany, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, Portugal and Greece, sure I may have forgotten a few. There's also been photo shoots in Asia of course along with Australia, Africa and the United States.
 That's five continents, can understand Antarctica not being a destination but no member has wanted to travel to South America? One thing I've never done is a list of my top '46' photobooks, maybe after the above ones are done. I may be in the minority but my top Nogi/Keya PB since the beginning of 2017 has been Neru's and I do miss her quite a bit. If you've never seen the pics from that PB here's the link to it's post, title for the book was "Kokoara":  Neru's PB

 Didn't do a Yui post for June, first month this year she didn't have a solo one which may be why she dropped to tenth on my current faves list. But will have one in about two weeks, really not her fault for lack of pics and new activities as that's been the case for almost every Keya member. As mentioned the pics for this PB were taken in London, that took place in October 2018 and she celebrated her 19th birthday there. That means these pics are slightly dated as Yui will be turning 21 in four months and as fabulous as these pics are she looks so much better these days.
 Sales for this book were solid but should have been better, once again Keya's management dropped the ball. In 2018 Yui had to appear in 25+ magazines, by far the most of any member. Yet for this book there was only one or two spreads to promote it which was a mystery. First week sales were a little over 30,000, in all 50,000 copies were sold. An okay amount but the pics are so tremendous the sales should have been double. Let's get to them and this is one of the bigger PB's from a '46' member as there's 125 of pics and Yui will definitely pick up many more fans. Almost forgot to add in that this book was released on March 13, 2019