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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Marie Iitoyo: Whew, finally her first post of the month....

.... with no time to spare either!!!! For May and June Marie had the final post of them month though didn't plan it that way, this time around she'll be having the second to last post. But that heading is correct as this is just Marie's first post for July, did some checking and discovered the last time she didn't have at least one post for a month was October 2018! So there was no way I wanted to see that streak ended which may be the longest one ever, she also holds the record for most consecutive weeks with a post which is ten.

 Yesterday mentioned how there's a certain exclusive group who I consider to be 'Nao Elites' and would have to say at the top of that group is Marie. She's been my #1 since the first day of the year but there are a pair who are inching closer to number one. Would hate to see her lose that top spot but for the final 2020 fave's list will play it fairly and still determine the positions on what they've done this year. Last year Marie was number one all the way to September but really disappeared the last few months of 2019 and tumbled to fourth place. But there's still been no bigger fave of mine for the past two years and will be doing the second preliminary list in four weeks.

 Have been trying to do a post for Marie for weeks to no avail and didn't think this one for today would be happening. But I'll work harder at her posts than anyone else's and do have over forty new pics for today for her growing fan base(?). Say 'fans' as for the first time ever Marie made the top ten for most views with her last post, only took 76 of them for that to happen. She had the tenth most viewed post for the past month for two days and never thought I'd see that happen and perhaps she didn't either but wish she'd celebrate with something stronger.... or me....

 So let's finally get to the new pics and this first batch aren't quite new ones but hadn't been posted here before. Back on February 29th Marie appeared at the Spring/Summer 'Tokyo Girls Collection' show that was held at the Yotogo National Gymnasium. Did do a post for it but hadn't realized back then that she made two strolls on the catwalk which are these pics.

 That stroll was on the KBF stage, she has done some modeling for them in the past and usually for their bags.

 The next TGC show will be held on September 5th but don't know if she'll be in attendance. Seems events are slowly coming back though usually with no audience and hope that means we'll be seeing Marie at some soon as she looks so terrific at events plus I don't think anyone has been at more of them the past year or so than she has. Just about everything remaining are modeling pics and that's fine with me as they're all super duper, these are all new from the More site since July 1st.

 Marie's last drama ended a week ago, it's one I'd like to view but it won't end up getting subbed which is sadly the case for too many of her dramas. Think I've seen her in seven to date and she's really a fine actress. Just one mini mag spread for today that's from the September Oggi.

 Oooops, almost forgot this small batch which are new from the Biteki site.

 Will end off with some fabulous pics from the Oggi site, all are from this month. There's been no recent Marie CM's and she used to appear in so many. But do have a nice bonus after the pics which is a video I've never seen before and was quite good. It's from April 2018 and for 'Hot Pepper Beauty' with a longish behind the scenes segment.