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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mirei Kiritani: "Jossy's" movie review and screenshots

 Release Date: June 7, 2014    Running Time: 97 minutes    Director: Yuichi Fukuda

Main Cast:

Mirei Kiritani as Naoko Akagi (Red)
Kasumi Arimura as Kana Midoriyama Green)
Mizuki Yamamoto as Sumire Konno (Navy)
Mitsuki Takahata as Yuri Kikawada (Yellow)
Mina Fuji as Mika Aota (Blue)

Shunsuke Daito as Teruhiko Naruse
Yoshinori Okada as The Section Chief
Jiro Sato as Commander Charles
Ken Yasuda as Minagawa
Sarutoki Minagawa as Kimihiko Domyoji

 As you can see this film came out a while ago but has just been recently subbed. Have watched it without the subs and did do a post with screenshots but it was so much better with the subs and thought it deserved a review. When it comes to Mirei though it doesn't matter if what she's in is subbed or not as it's hard to take your eyes off her, actually for that reason sometimes viewing her things is better without subs. Also wouldn't mind a heroine like her saving me!
 Those first five names are the characters who have been forced to create a team by Commander Charles, they were all chosen due to the fact their last name has a 'color' in it. And that as really the only reason they were chosen to protect the world as none of them have any super powers, all appear to also be a bit weak so it's kind of a mystery how they do end up winning their battles.
 The previous team that protected the world had quit so Commander Charles assembled these five women to form 'Jossy's', they'll be working for his division which is called Squadron of Justice. Though they don't have super powers nor any kind of powers when the five are together they can create the 'Jossy's Tornado' which kind of blows the monster they're fighting away. Let's take a look at the five heroines.

 These heroines end up fighting many various monsters, always at the same abandoned quarry. Some of the monster's names were 'Stink Bug' who lived up to it's name, 'Mushroomonster', 'Mutant Mucus' and 'Woodpeckerino' plus many others. All these fights were quite a parody as they constantly would ask the monsters to hold off fighting them as they had a phone call to make or other lame things like that. These gals did end up winning all of their fights and seemingly quite easy as they didn't have to use the 'Jossy's Tornado' too often.
 All of them were regular women, Akagi(Red) worked in an office, Midoriyama(Green) was training to be an actress, Aota(Blue) worked in a store, etc. As time went on though our heroines started to grow tired of saving the world, the calls from Charles always seemed to come when they were at work so they ended up not making money because of that. The gals even asked him to start paying him, 50,000 yen per job and think he agreed to keep the safety of the world. Even with them getting paid the group of five started to dwindle, many of the fights to save the world only 3-4 would show up as they seemed to have more important things to do.

 That was especially the case for Akagi who worked as a designer for an architectural firm. She won a bid for the company to design a new art museum, all her energies were focused on that and she started not showing up to any of the fights. This led to the other members eventually doing the same thing as the number of the team dwindled from five to zero leaving no one to protect the world.
 Akagi did come around and regain her senses, finally when Charles summoned her to the biggest fight to date for the team she agreed saving the world was the most important thing. However at the battle site none of the other team members showed up, it was her against the biggest monster ever to arrive on the earth. Akagi was no match for the monster though and pleaded with him to hold off so she could gather the rest of her team.
 For some strange reason, there are too many strange things in the film, the monster though on the verge of victory let her go. Took quite a bit of effort and pleading but eventually Akagi was able to talk the other four members into forming the team again but could the reassembled team be any match against this unbeatable alien monster.

 Am presuming all of the monsters were aliens though it was never mentioned in the film where they came from. Also none of these monsters had any powers either, have no clue how they expected to conquer the world. But on to the final fight and now that the five were together they could use their Tornado which they had to do against the monster as once again they defeated a threat to the world.
 But this was no ordinary monster, actually this one did have a power which enabled it to grow to about a height of 50 feet. Now the girls were really no match for the monster and it looks like one of them will finally be able to conquer Tokyo followed by the rest of the world. Charles though contacted them and said the five together would also be able to form a 'Jossy's Robot' which they did. If you've seen "Super Robot Red Baron" then that's almost exactly what it looked like, it also was about 50 feet in height and was able to defeat the giant monster rather handily. That final victory brings us to the conclusion of the film as it looks like the five now have their priorities straight and will be staying together to keep protecting the world.

 Found this kind of a hard film to review, it's close to 100 minutes but not all that much really happened as the plot was extremely thin and most of the story was a bit too lame. It's supposedly a parody of the Super Hero series which are quite popular in Japan and many of them are quite good, mainly the older ones. However never found myself laughing, not even once, it wasn't a hard movie to sit through but wasn't exactly easy either. May have worked so much better had it been a bit shorter, say about 70 minutes or another thing which really would have helped is that the fight scenes could have been so much better, none of them really lasted over a minute.
 Really can't give this a really high recommendation, can't say it was a bad movie but also can't say that it was a really good one though either. Guess there's worse ways to spend 95 minutes, perhaps another viewing is what it needs as it may be better a second time through. This was the second time I've viewed it, first time though was without subs and it actually appeared to be a really fun film that first time. Will give this a rating of 7.5/10, much of that is because the cast really looked quite good. Mirei as the leader looked unbelievable as usual, nothing she's appeared in has been a bad or boring watch but very few of them have been superb.
 Bit of a short review but like I mentioned not that much happened in the movie, most of the fights were too short and they all seemed to be the same in a way. Plus the middle was a bit boring, almost 15 minutes of Akagi working in her office. It's probably worth a view but just don't go in expecting too much, most of the cast has appeared in better dramas or films. Though not a superb watch did take a huge amount of screenshots, few more here and many more in the next post. After the pics is the trailer for the film.

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