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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Yuki Uchida: Two recent promo events for her new dramas

 Had I done that 'top ten fave list' three or four years ago Yuki easily would have been on it, perhaps she would have had a spot in the top five. Not that she's faded just that few others have risen up plus I haven't watched any of her recent dramas but that'll soon come to an end. Been thinking of creating another list for positions 11-20 or at least a post on some of my faves who just missed the top ten, she would definitely be on that list.
 Yuki has been in quite a few dramas this last decade, most of them have really been quite good or at least her ones up until 2013. She never has the lead in them but her role is always quite big, usually the second or third biggest. Think Yuki's last major lead role in a drama was "Big Wing", kind of hard to find these days but if you can find it that's a series that's highly recommended. However Yuki will be in two dramas(!) this season, she'll have the lead in one and the co-lead in the other which is why I plan on watching at least one of them.
 One of them just started two nights ago, it's the series she has the lead in and it's called "Haburashi/Onna Tomodachi". Looks like a really interesting, mysterious drama and would really like to see it but the problem is that it's airing on NHK-BS, getting series from that station is very rare but am going to be searching high and low for it. On December 16th Yuki and two other members of the cast were at a press conference for the show.

 Yuki's second Winter drama which she has the co-lead in is called "Naomi and Kaneko", it starts on January 14th and will be airing on Fuji-TV. Should be easy to get that series then so then it's just a question of whether it'll be subbed, have an inkling that it will as it looks like another dark, interesting drama. On January 7th Yuki and her co-star who you all know were at a press conference and screening for the show, wow has she retained her beauty! Er, actually she's probably improved on that beauty and after these fabulous pics check out a video of the event.

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