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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"She" drama: episode four recap and screenshots

 Air Dates: April 18th to May 16, 2015 on Fuji-TV at 11:40 Saturday nights

Main Cast:

Mayu Matsuoka as Ryoko Nishizawa
Ayami Nakajo as Azusa Ogiwara
Seika Taketomi as Saya Yamamoto
Kurumi Shimizu as Miyuri Eto
Aoi Morikawa as Chisato Okumura
Ryo Narita as Haruto Muraoka
Jin Shirasu as Yuki Hirose
Reika Kirishima as Mizuki Ogiwara

 Bit of a slower episode this time around, though there wasn't much filler in this series there was a bit in this one. The major development in this episode was learning a bit about Chisato's past which shocked everyone. When she was younger, around three years old, she had been best friends with Azusa who lived next door to her. They weren't friends for too long as her single mother had moved away quite suddenly with Azusa and the pair never met again until high school.
 Azusa didn't remember anything about her past, she had no idea who Chisato was and even Chisato was a bit confused when she first saw her again as her looks had changed so much. She showed some pics to Azusa of them as three years old, Azusa had never seen pics of her from her very young days. We don't learn it then but Azusa looking at those pics made her very suspicious about her past which ends up being the mystery in this show, we'll find out what that is during the next recap.

 The girls weren't friends anymore as they moved in different circles, Azusa was one of the brightest students at school while Chisato was kind of an introvert. Azusa didn't hate though but explained to her why they weren't friend because of them being different which Chisato understood though when she she was picked on Azusa stood up for her.
 A minor mystery stumbled upon by Ryoko was why did Azusa smile on the day of her disappearance? A few saw her on the school roof the morning of April 6th which was the first day of the school term, also the last day anyone saw Azusa. She had a bit of a wry smile on her face, Ryoko and Miyuri had seen it and they wondered if Azusa knew they would never see her again.
 Like I said each of these episode at 19 minutes doesn't leave much time for many things to happen but seems as though less happened during this show than any other. The group has been trying to solve the mystery of who set up all of the hidden cameras in the school, what Ryoko had done was to also set up a secret camera to catch the person when they came to change the battery or do get a videotape. It worked as the camera caught the person responsible for the cameras, once again to keep the suspense going that event took place at the end of the episode and we'll learn who this mysterious person is on the next show.

 Guess these short recaps are working out okay, could have done maybe two long ones but having something short and to the point probably makes it much easier for everyone to read through. The final episode is in the next post, not going to make my goal of having them all done in less than two hours but did come somewhat close as my brain is a bit frazzled from watching all of the shows in a row then writing about them, kind of She'd out.

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