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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"She" drama: episode five recap and screenshots

 Air Dates: April 18th to May 16, 2015 on Fuji-TV at 11:40 Saturday nights

Main Cast:

Mayu Matsuoka as Ryoko Nishizawa
Ayami Nakajo as Azusa Ogiwara
Seika Taketomi as Saya Yamamoto
Kurumi Shimizu as Miyuri Eto
Aoi Morikawa as Chisato Okumura
Ryo Narita as Haruto Muraoka
Jin Shirasu as Yuki Hirose
Reika Kirishima as Mizuki Ogiwara

 Most of the lingering questions get answered in the finale but not all of them. What we have discovered in the beginning of this episode was who the person was who had planted all of the hidden cameras around school, think there was a total of eleven of them. And that person was caught by a camera that Ryoko had hidden, of all people it turned out to be Azusa's mother! That's one thing we didn't learn though, why had she set up all of those cameras and it had been done many months prior.
 One reason for her setting up the cameras is that she was a very protective mother, too much so according to her friends and we'll soon learn the reason for that. Ryoko and the others had devised a trick to get the mother to take the cameras away which worked but for some reason they never confronted her as to the reason why she had done it.

 Chisato had made a very important discovery looking at the older photos of her and Azusa. There was something very strange about them, to Chisato the older pics really didn't look like Azusa and Ryoko agreed. This led Ryoko to investigate the happenings of 14 years prior and her discovery led to the mystery being solved.
 When she was three Azusa had to go to the hospital for a serious illness, at the hospital the newspapers reported that she had died. But during that time a girl around Azusa's age had been kidnapped and that case had never been solved or at least until Ryoko's discovery. The present day Azusa really isn't Azusa but the kidnapped girl, that's why she and her mother had fled the city so soon back then which was in the year 2000. That's also why the mother was so protective as she couldn't let the secret of the kidnapping get out.
 Azusa hadn't known about either until she was about 15 and had met Chisato who she didn't remember. Of course she didn't remember as they had never met but looking at the old pics had also sent Azusa on a journey to learn the real truth about her past, she also discovered the dirty deed of her 'mother' like Ryoko did.

 That discovery was also the reason behind Azusa's disappearance as she had left on her own. Where she ended up we never learn however in the final scene while Ryoko is sitting on a hill across from the school Azusa passes by her though Ryoko never noticed her. The show ends right at that point with still a few questions that were unanswered, for instance what has really become of Azusa? Did the group of her friends end up reporting their discovery to the police? Then again good shows usually leave you hanging a bit, mainly ones that may have a second season which probably not going to happen with this series.
 Would recommend viewing it though I won't give a big recommendation, you can zip through it in about 100 minutes which is good. But being so short means they couldn't get into certain other things or delve into their backgrounds a bit more. Will give this a grade of a 8/10, not a bad grade but then again it could have been a bit better but it's certainly a more enjoyable watch than many of the dramas from the last few years.
 Mayu certainly is one of the most kawaii actresses around, she'll be turning 21 next month. Have done a few posts about her before here but really plan on doing so many more for her very soon, someone like her is so easy to root for and really would like to see her become much more popular.

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