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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Saki Fukuda: "Quartet" drama episode's five and six recaps with screenshots

 Air Dates: January 18th to March 24, 2011 on TBS at 12:55 am  Ratings: ?

Main Cast:

Saki Fukuda as Shun
Yuya Matsushita as Takeru
Natsuna Watanabe as Kasumi
Toshiya Nagasawa as Tsukamoto
Takaya Kamikawa as Kuchinawa

 The mission of finding Tsukamoto and his drug factory continue for Shun and Takeru though at the moment they're nowhere near their goal. In the previous episode we met Koharu with whom Shun has quickly developed a friendship with. Koharu's husband had worked at the drug factory which is the first lead Shun has had in solving the case. Her husband had died rather mysteriously and none of the workers at the factory will tell her exactly what happened.
 We also meet Koharu's brother who dislikes Shun and Takeru from the get go as both are Japanese whom he despises. You have to wonder why so many Chinese have come to Japan if they hate them so much, quite a few things were never touched in in this drama and no doubt it's because of the short length of it.
 But our two lead characters get another clue to finding Tsukamoto which is that Koharu's brother knows him slightly, he even runs a small gambling game for him. He didn't invite Shun and Takeru to the gambling den but they followed him there in the hope of finally locating Tsukamoto. The pair were in luck as when they were there Tsukamoto happened to arrive in his usual flamboyant style.

 Tsukamoto is a bit intrigued about a pair of Japanese people being in Midori and tries speaking to Shun who he has some beady eyes on. Luckily with her new looks Tsukamoto doesn't recognize her or at least at this time we don't think he does. Shun only speaks to him in Chinese so he doesn't have a clue to what she's saying but she challenges him to a duel. There are two mushrooms with one of them being poisonous, if he can eat one without dying she'll sleep with him. Naturally the perverse Tsukamoto accepts the challenge but after eating one he reveals to Shun that he's immune to all poisons, is that even possible?
 Once again though Kasumi comes to the rescue as she's there with Tsukamoto as to prevent the pair from possibly ending up together throws a tantrum. Kasumi practically throws herself at Tsukamoto who says he was just trying to make her jealous, Kasumi had to do it to save the mission and all of their identities from possibly being discovered.
 Meanwhile Koharu's brother has prevented her from seeing Shun and Takeru, when Shun does try to see her she is rebuffed by Koharu. What will they do know as she was the biggest link into locating Tsukamoto's drug factory. Even though her husband died there Koharu still went to the factory to give massages to keep the money coming in, after she was rebuffed Shun followed her there.

 Shun had no idea where Koharu was headed but following her paid off in a huge way as she discovered the whereabouts of Tsukamoto's factory. Surprisingly Takeru was also outside the factory as he had also followed a pair from the gambling den there. Now the question is what to do, it's quite a big factory that's heavily guarded plus quite a few work there, mainly Chinese but the top bosses are Tsukamoto's henchmen.
 Shun and Takeru are still unsure of their plans, to somehow break into the factory or go after Tsukamoto instead. While pondering their options the pair investigate the grounds of the factory to learn the layout and their searching finds them a gruesome discovery. They watch as one of the Japanese men from the factory is demolishing cars in a desolated area of the factory's grounds, what reason could there be for that?
 After that man had left they took a closer look at some of the cars and discovered blood oozing out of them. They then deduced that the cars were being crushed with corpses in them, Shun and Takeru had no clue as to where the corpses had come from and weren't until the eighth episode though we had seen bit and pieces of where they may have come from.

 Not as much happened in these two episodes or should I say not as much with Saki involved. Still quite an interesting show which gets even better as the next two episodes may have been the highlights of the series. As usual few more screenshots of you-know-who from these episodes though not as many as I would have liked but enough to fill in the details of what may have been left out of the recap. Episodes seven and eight follow this post, hope if you've read this far you'll finish reading all of these reviews.

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