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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"She" drama: episode three recap and screenshots

 Air Dates: April 18th to May 16, 2015 on Fuji-TV at 11:40 Saturday nights

Main Cast:

Mayu Matsuoka as Ryoko Nishizawa
Ayami Nakajo as Azusa Ogiwara
Seika Taketomi as Saya Yamamoto
Kurumi Shimizu as Miyuri Eto
Aoi Morikawa as Chisato Okumura
Ryo Narita as Haruto Muraoka
Jin Shirasu as Yuki Hirose
Reika Kirishima as Mizuki Ogiwara

 Third episode ended with Chisato showing Ryoko a video from one of the hidden cameras, Ryoko broke down and asked for mercy from her but what was so damaging on that video? There was a rumor going around that Azusa had been caught stealing the answers to the Winter exam finals but it comes out that the allegation was false. The video shows Ryoko stealing the answers and she had been caught by Azusa.
 The pair had been discovered by the school's staff and were brought in to find out the true story. Both denied that they had tried to steal the exam, Azusa could have told the truth about Ryoko being the criminal but kept it to herself. But now that secret is out with Chisato knowing the truth but luckily for Ryoko doesn't look like she's going to say anything.
 More flashbacks too with Azusa as she had discovered not only was Haruto cheating with Miyuri but he had also hooked up with Saya. For some reason Azusa knows much about Saya's hidden past and she's very tempted to reveal all of the details to everyone. It doesn't happen though the truth does come out this episode as it had been recorded via another hidden camera. Those details are that she's actually 20 years old, Saya had become a shut in and had missed two years of school, she's also been a model in the past and that's her dream in the future but how she ended up being a model seems a bit shady.

 At the beginning of the episode Ryoko had passed out while filming Saya being interrogated by the school's staff though it had nothing to do with the story, seemed as though she was back to normal in the blink of an eye. On to the ending scene already but it was actually quite a long scene as so many of the secrets Azusa's friends had slowly come out.
 Seems as though Chisato hadn't planted the hidden cameras and microphones, she had discovered them though and had watched a few of the videos. Someone had been coming to the school and changing the batteries along with taking a few of the tapes, most everyone thinks the school was behind it. If so who could they report this too, no one to them as it appears as though they're on their own in discovering the mystery of Azusa's disappearance.
 During this scene is when the others also learn about the secrets of Saya's past, at the time they viewed it she didn't even know about the video. Ryoko's guilt about her attempted heist of the exam answers became too much for her as she revealed to everyone what she had done, she even played the video for them. Everyone was shocked but then again seems there were some dirty secrets of all of Azusa's friends on the videos, wonder why it was just them who ended up being taped?

 Getting closer to the end, bet if you read all of these recaps in a row they won't seem as short. Lot of dirty secrets are coming out about everyone's past and even more will be exposed in the next episode but are learning these secrets getting them any closer to them finding out what happened to Azusa?
 Two more episodes to find out if they are getting any closer to the truth plus they need to discover the mystery of who planted all of the cameras, Chisato was the obvious choice but at least she's been able to convince everyone it wasn't her. That's one question we learn the truth to but not until the final episode as they kept the suspense going for that, actually we learn all of the mysteries during the next two episodes.

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