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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Saki Fukuda: "Quartet" drama episode's one and two recaps with screenshots

 Air Dates: January 18th to March 24, 2011 on TBS at 12:55 am  Ratings: ?

Main Cast:

Saki Fukuda as Shun
Yuya Matsushita as Takeru
Natsuna Watanabe as Kasumi
Toshiya Nagasawa as Tsukamoto
Takaya Kamikawa as Kuchinawa

 After forgetting to carry the reviews of this drama from Saki's old blog had to do a re-watch of it, that was okay as I can't ever get enough of her. Going to try to keep these recaps a bit brief as I'd like to put two episodes together, there was a total of nine shows so the last one will be the only episode to have it's own post.
 Should be easy to keep them brief as though Saki had the lead role in this series she didn't appear too much in these first two episodes. The shows ran for 24 minutes but once you take out the ending credits an episode really only lasted a bit over 22 minutes. Kind of a small cast too, those are the main characters above but others did come and go during the show.
 It's now two weeks later and I'm finally getting around to finishing this should ahve written more than two pararagraphs so I'm actually going to review all nine episodes in one sitting so wish me luck. First couple posts should be okay but the more you do the more your eyes tend to swirl around along with my brain getting even mushier.

EDIT: My brain didn't get too, too mushy towards the end but it was quite a chore doing all of these recaps in a row, should have done a few drafts or complete posts beforehand. But making things easy on myself is something which doesn't happen too often but hope you enjoy them all as I think they turned out okay.

 Though she had the lead in the drama we didn't see all that much of Saki in the first two episodes so this will probably be the briefest of all the recaps. Episode one did start off with the above two screenshots though they're actually from the third episode when Saki as Shun has a major transformation done to her looks.
 Shun and her brother Rin are two orphans form China now living in Japan and things aren't going too well for the siblings. Unsure if Shun has a real job but Rin is an amateur boxer who has dreams of turning pro. To support him and his sister he boxes in a real low life fight club that is also known for it's drug dealings and being very active in the sex trade. Shun has been quite successful at the club winning most of his matches which is why he dreams of becoming a pro, that also may be the only way him and Shun can escape their poverty.
 If Rin does become a pro and make some money the dream then for him and Shun is to leave Japan, not back to China but perhaps some South American country. However the owner of the fight club who is Tsukamoto has learned of their plans and is about to teach the pair a horrible lesson which is that no one defies his orders Tsukamoto is the 'evil villain' in this series, besides owning the club he is the biggest drug dealer in the area plus controlling all of the prostitution in the same area.

 For Rin's next match Tsukamoto has squared him off against his toughest fighter to teach the pair and everyone else you don't do anything without his permission. It's hard to call it a fight as Rin was totally outmatched, he was massacred from the very start of the bout. Shun desperately tried to get the fight halted but to no avail, when she tried to stop it herself she was held back by Tsukamoto's henchmen.
 The match could have been stopped but Rin's opponent knew no mercy so instead of leaving Rin passed out he went one step further. And that step was an ultimate one as he snapped Rin's neck, killing him in front of Shun who was merciless to stop the massacre. For the most part that's really the only things which involved Shun the first two episodes, as I mentioned we didn't see too much of her in these shows and only learned a bit about her past.
  Shun's future partner whom she briefly met once is named Takeru. His family was murdered by some drug dealers a few years back and he's on a revenge kick to bring down anyone associated with drugs. Takeru is a one man crew and has been very successful, he does manage to bring down so many small time dealers but it's a never ending battle as what he needs to do is bring down the big man. We do watch Takeru take down a few of these small time dealers in the first few shows but as a one man army they have to be small time or he would have a very slim chance of winning.
 Towards the end of the second episode it appears as though Takeru has finally met his end. He sets up a fake deal with two dealers but they turn the tables on him as their gang ends up pouncing on him at their warehouse and they start to neat Takeru into submission. Out of nowhere though a mysterious man suddenly appears, Takeru had wanted to be a one man army but this new character shows him how it's done. Our mysterious man was by himself and unarmed but managed to defeat the whole gang without breaking a sweat. Shortly after that Takeru passes out and the man carries him off which ends up being the conclusion of the second episode.
 These were okay shows but really could have been combined into one, little bit of filler to stretch it out a bit. After this show the episodes do tend to get much more interesting as so far we've really learned hardly anything about what the show is going to be about except for the revenge that's on the minds of Shun and Takeru. All of the episodes are reviewed in a row so for the next two shows just check out the next post.
 Usually I take so many screenshots but there wasn't much of Shun to take in these two episodes, probably took about 1/3 of what I normally take. Also hope these recaps are detailed enough without being too long or giving away too many spoilers. Someone else has done a review on a few of the episodes and those reviews are just way too long, just can't see the point in explaining every single thing which happens and they end up being posts which are easily 2,500 words or more.

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