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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Saki Fukuda: "Quartet" drama episodes three and four recaps with screenshots

 Air Dates: January 18th to March 24, 2011 on TBS at 12:55 am  Ratings: ?

Main Cast:

Saki Fukuda as Shun
Yuya Matsushita as Takeru
Natsuna Watanabe as Kasumi
Toshiya Nagasawa as Tsukamoto
Takaya Kamikawa as Kuchinawa

 Lot more of Saki for the rest of the drama's run, don't think you can top these pics as she looks more alluring than any series she's appeared in... wow!!!!

 Don't think his name was ever mentioned in the show, looked up the cast in so many places but couldn't find out who the character's name is. That character is the mysterious man who saved Takeru's life in the previous episode, we meet him once again as Shun is sitting in a jail cell. Not sure why she's there but the police did raid the club where her brother Rin met his death in a boxing match so that 's probably why but don't know if any charges were filed against her.
 That man is with his boss named Kuchinawa who is the head of a secret organized crime unit that goes undercover on dangerous and usually suicidal missions. Kuchinawa is in a wheelchair so he needs others to do his work and he accomplishes that by blackmailing them or by other low handed methods. They bring Shun to the morgue to see her brother one last time and there they make an offer to her, would she help them take down Tsukamoto?
 That sounds great to her as there's nothing more she'd like to do except of course to kill him. The problem is Tsukamoto knows her so how will she be able to get close to him and his organization to bring his evil ways to a halt? The above pic is how the new Shun looks as she says she's prepared to shear her long tresses, dye her hair and also get tattoos. That sounds good to me and I'm sure others as this new Shun though still mean and angry looks beyond jaw-dropping.

 After her transformation Shun is brought to the police station to set the wheels turning on the destruction of Tsukamoto. There she meets Takeru once again, their previous brief encounter had been at a bar and right off the bat neither wanted to work with each other. However as Kuchinawa explained the pair had no choice but to be partners as this was one dangerous mission which required at least two people. There is a third member of the team who they haven't met yet but she's already entered Tsukamoto's world as she's manged to become his girlfriend.
 Shun and Takeru eventually agree to work with each other as at least they both have the same motive for undertaking this suicidal mission and that's to bring Tsukamoto down. Actually both want their revenge to go one step further and that's to see Tsukamoto dead as he's destroyed both of their families.
 The most dangerous part of their mission is that they'll get no help from the police, this squad is a very underground one and their involvement in solving crimes always has to remain unknown. Shun and Takeru accept that and are ready to proceed with their mission and revenge. Where the pair is sent is a fictional place in Tokyo called Midori town, it's a small section where the police and most Japanese citizens avoid. Most of the occupants there are illegal Chinese immigrants, as long as they don;t cause trouble they're left alone by the police and the government.

 Though Japanese are unwelcome in Midori Tsukamoto has set up a drug factory there and usually spends most of his time there, probably to avoid the authorities. He's not well respected there by the Chinese but the factory does supply many with jobs, money and drugs so they out up with him. Shun and Takeru enter Midori under the premise they're wanted by the police and they figure it's the only place that's safe for them, at least that's what they tell everyone. At least Shun has the advantage of being an orphan from China, she can also speak the language quite well which is good as very few in Midori speak Japanese. For Saki fans it was also a nice bonus that it was a bit cool there!!!!

 Upon arriving in Midori Shun and Takeru get an overpriced single room as their base, not much time for sleeping though as they need to start their mission soon. Don't think there was a time limit to finishing the job but know that they needed to wrap up things very quickly for some undisclosed reasons from Kuchinawa. We then briefly meet a woman named Koharu who becomes a bit of a key figure later on in the series, actually it's Shun who meets her when she is at an altar praying for her brother. Koharu is from China and like Shun also wants to leave Japan but has no means to as her husband has recently died with the cause unknown.
 To wrap up these two shows near the end of the fourth episode Takeru is out wandering around Midori, however he can't speak Chinese so he runs into some serious trouble. He tries to buy drugs but is tricked and eventually led to a remote area where he is about to get hurt quite badly. Shun learns of this and runs to his rescue but when she arrives she's also beaten down and it looks like the pair's mission will end before it begins.

 Just when it looks like Shun and Takeru's lives are about to end out of nowhere comes a female who appears to be so high on drugs. This woman is Kasumi who is the third undercover agent on this mission and is pretending to be Tsukamoto's girlfriend. Kasumi is able to save the pair by throwing a miniature bomb at their would be assailants  This is the first time Shun and Takeru have met Kasumi, they knew of another helper on their mission but weren't told to protect her identity. Kasumi also told them that, her saving their lives should be the only time they meet as Tsukamoto is always suspicious of everyone including her.
 That brings us to the conclusion of these two episodes, bit longer of a review than planned. Then again it's two episodes squeezed into one post but then again two episodes just equal one normal episode of a drama. Few more screenshots of the breathtaking Shun, did explain things fairly well but these may help you follow the story better. After this post are three more for this series with the next one being the recap for episodes five and six.

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