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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nogizaka46: Early happy 19th birthday to Erika Ikuta!! .... post #1(?)

 By Japan time the b-day won't be happening for a little over 14 hours but when new pics like this come out....

 ..... then think it's time for an early celebration! That pic is honestly beyond description, every now again a pic comes out where your jaw literally drops, know mine did when I first saw it.... wow wow wow wow! Never thought we'd see Erika posing for a pic like that but after staring at it for so many hours hoping for so many more in that vein. Have mentioned here for some months now what an attractive woman she's turned into but never thought she's become this stunning, wow once again.
 That's a pic from Erika's first photobook "Tencho" which comes out on the 21st which is today in Japan, that one pic almost guarantees it'll be #1 on the charts it's first week out. Of course the whole PB isn't filled with pics like that but have a few more of them from the PB for you to enjoy.

 Called it post #1(?) because there may be another post or two or more for her b-day, also be on the lookout here for the entire PB as I'll be posting that soon. Hoping Erika will be having a fan signing event for the book, would think it'd be this weekend then as they'd probably be having a b-day party for her. She's also scheduled to be in a few mag spreads coming out this next week so will also be posting them, maybe we'll make it a week long celebration.
 Wasn't planning on doing a b-day post for her so soon so wasn't really prepared but do have a few other stupendous pics for you to enjoy. There's really very little that's come out about Erika the last year that hasn't been posted here so if you think these pics rate an A++++ check out a few of her other posts. After the pics check out her video from volume 4 of "Nogizaka Quarterly".

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  1. Of course the whole PB isn't filled with pics like that but have a few more of them from the PB for you to enjoy. summer camp