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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Saki Fukuda: "Quartet" drama episode's seven and eight recaps with screenshots

 Air Dates: January 18th to March 24, 2011 on TBS at 12:55 am  Ratings: ?

Main Cast:

Saki Fukuda as Shun
Yuya Matsushita as Takeru
Natsuna Watanabe as Kasumi
Toshiya Nagasawa as Tsukamoto
Takaya Kamikawa as Kuchinawa

 Last episode ended with Shun and Takeru finally finding out the location of Tsukamoto's drug factory but the pair were unsure of what action to take next. In desperation Shun has asked Koharu to sneak out some of the drugs produced there, they needed absolute proof that the drugs made there were the same as the ones flooding the streets What they need to do is to give some samples to Kuchinawa, who we haven't seen for a few episodes, so that he can bring them to a secret police lab to have them analyzed.
 Reluctantly Koharu agrees to the plan, it's going to be extremely difficult for her but she also want to discover the mystery of her husband's death. Koharu's brother Tan is of course against the plan but she goes ahead with it despite his misgivings, then again he may be secretly rooting for her as he also wants to bring an end to the hated Tsukamoto. Koharu ends up going to the factory to attend to her part time job as a masseuse. Seemingly all is going well as when she finishes her job she is known well enough there to wander through the factory.
 Koharu manages to go in the area where the finished drugs are stored and manages to bring out a small bag of the drugs. However she's discovered by someone there doing stealing the drugs, actually a friend of her husband. And that person in front of all the other workers stabs Koharu who appears as though she's going to die in the factory. She manages to leave the place though as no one wants to stop her but her injuries are more severe than thought but at least in her escape she still has the drugs.

 Shun somehow sees her in the streets and appears overjoyed at first until she notices the stab wound.
Trying to save Koharu proved useless as the wounds were more severe than we first thought, looks like she only has a matter of minutes to live. However she does have the drugs with her but what can Shun do with them? In another coincidence Takeru suddenly appears on the scene, he wants to stay to help save Koharu but it's too late as she's quickly slipping away.
 But the main mission was to bring Tsukamoto down which Shun reminded Takeru of so he took the drug samples and headed back to the police headquarters to get them tested which brings us to the end of the seventh episode. Takeru was able to get the drugs to Kuchinawa to get analyzed, now it's a waiting game for the results to come back.
 A waiting game is out of the question for Takeru as Shun may be discovered by Tsukamoto plus Koharu's brother is blaming Shun for her death. What Tan does is capture Shun and ties her up, we're not sure what the plans are but is Shun going to meet her death before Takeru can return? Well, at least not yet as Shun is released but a goodhearted friend of Koharu's brother but we'll soon learn that the deed was actually a dastardly one.

 The results come back from the lab, while it's not a 100% match with the drugs found on the streets it's close enough to either arrest Tsukamoto or to allow Shun and/or Takeru to take their revenge on him. Now it's up to Kuchinawa to devise a plan for Takeru to slip back into Midori to finish off the mission but first there is an unforeseen development.
 Shun being released wasn't a nice deed but instead it was to set a trap for her, one that was set up by Tsukamoto. He's got his fingers everywhere, though not well liked in Midori his money talks and it's turned trusted friends and comrades against each other. Shun thinks she's waiting for some help to bring down Tsukamoto but it turned out the other way around as he set the whole trap up. So once again Shun is captured but this time there looks like there's no escape as Tsukamoto has discovered something that could seal Shun's fate.
 That discovery was that he realized who Shun really was, the sister of Rin and she had vowed to Tsukamoto that he would pay for his death. This really pleased Tsukamoto and at first we didn't know why but it turns out he needed another contestant in his 'game' and a female one always turns out to be the most popular.
 That game is a variation of Russian Roulette though it's played with five people. There is one bullet loaded into a gun and how it starts is that the first contestant fires at the second. If the second lives then that person fires at the third and so on until someone is shot and killed. What makes the game even sicker is that many wealthy people are there betting on who the 'winner' will be, really unsure how someone can win at a game like that. Those bettors are also some very important people including some politicians.

 Not only is Shun a contestant in the game but so isn't her undercover ally Kasumi. Tsukamaoto had been suspicious of her for quite a while and had set up a few traps to catch her which he did. But instead of easily killing her Kasumi is now in this game of death along with Shun, Koharu's brother and two other people. There really is now winner in this game as anyone still living at the end is shot by one of Tsukamoto's men though the contestants were promised if they lived they could just walk away. In the previous post mentioned about the corpses being found in demolished cars, those corpses were all from this game of death and they were being destroyed to get rid of the evidence.
 That brings us to the end of this episode with one more show to go. The game is about to start but they let the suspense build until the next episode. Shun is #2 in the lineup which means she'll be shot at first, seeing as how she;s the main star of course she won't be killed but what about Kasumi or Koahru's brother? Plus what about Takeru, still no plan has been made to go back to Midori to save Shun and to bring down Tsukamoto in any way possible.
 Maybe the recap didn't reflect it but these were two superb episodes and to me the best two shows of the series. Now down to one more episode to review and that'll be the next post. Saki as a blonde really looks so alluring, not that there's anything wrong with her original color but as you can tell by these screenshots doesn't being a blonde add that something extra to her already dazzling looks?

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