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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yuki Uchida: "Haburashi/Onna Tomodachi" drama episode two and three recaps and screenshots

 Start Date: January 5 and will air until February 23rd for eight episodes on NHK-BS

Main Cast:

Yuki Uchida as Suzune Makabe
Chizuru Ikewaki as Mizue Furusawa
Toshinori Omi as Mamoru Yanai
Nobuaki Kaneko as Takashi Nada
Yuki Tezuka as Kota Furusawa
Miwako Ichikawa as Mihoko Yonezawa
Yoshinori Okada as Tadashi Umemori

 Thought this series may have been dropped but it's back, as both these episodes have been subbed the last few days by Heiwa subs. Started this post just watching the second show but then discovered the third episode had been subbed so thought it'd be wiser to combine the two of them together. An episode is only 29 minutes long, could squeeze one on to a post but thought the recap itself would be a tad more thorough reviewing both, hope I was right.
 We left off a tthe end of the first episode with Suzune's old high school friend Mizue moving in with her for a few days, also she had her son Kota with her. The old friends hadn't seen each other for twenty years or since they had graduated form high school, it was a bit of a mystery to Suzune why Mizue showed up at her door one night. Seems she had gotten Suzune's address from her mother, it's unknown to all of us right now why she wanted to track down Suzune so badly. Suzune is a successful drama writer, her current series is getting some impressive ratings. Life isn't going so well for Mizue as she's divorced, unemployed, broke and has no place to stay. Even though it had been so long since they had seen each other Suzune reluctantly allowed her to spend a night, that quickly turned into two more nights.
 That's a brief recap of the first episode, now on to the next two shows which can hopefully be condensed into this post. Though the writer of a successful drama events in Suzune's life are turning quite strange, least those are the thoughts she's having. And they've all started since the day of Mizue's arrival, she's slowly taking over Suzune's life though she can't see it yet. However her two friends Mihoko who works at her fave cafe and Yanai, her producer at work have noticed it but their warnings have so far gone unheeded by Suzune.

 First strange occurrence for Suzune was that she overslept and missed the deadline for her next script but was luckily given an extension, it was the first time she had ever overslept. That oversleeping popped up once again as getting the tub ready for her bath she fell asleep with the water running. For some reason the pipes had become clogged creating such a mess and doing quite a bit of damage to the apartment downstairs. A few other minor events happened during these two shows and Suzune is quite perplexed, she's never had any sort of problems before and now she's finally wondering about Mizue. Sunzune and us still really don't know the real reason why she's suddenly popped back into Suzune's life after twenty years, true she's unemployed and broke but why now?
 Mizue though seems to be a lifesaver to Suzune as she clears up all of these problems for Suzune such as taking care of the water leak and settling things with her neighbor. Besides being unemployed and broke with a child we also learn of another problem that Mizue has which is that a loan agency is after her. Seems her husband has left a debt in her name, that could be one reason she's escaped to Tokyo but she has no way to pay the loan which is only about 250,000 yen or at least that's what the agent will take to forgive the loan.
 The agent suggests that Mizue look for money in Suzune's apartment as she seems to be doing quite well for herself. Suzune had thought in advance though and did one smart thing which was to hide her cash and credit cards, Mizue had looked for them but was unable to find them.... yet.

 Though given an extension for her next script the one Suzune eventually turned in was quite a disappointment to the station, her life is slowly unraveling but none of it is truly her fault. Meanwhile the three days that Mizue was going to stay at Suzune's apartment has passed and it appears as though Mizue is never going to leave, Suzune does make some slight comments about her still staying there but it never develops into a discussion.
 And that stay is going to continue for a while as Mizue's son Kouta became quite ill with a high fever and had to be rushed to the hospital, naturally Suzune had to cover all of the costs. So it looks like that stay is going to keep going on and on and on.... have a feeling Suzune is soon going to do something about that but then again can she just throw her childhood friend out into the streets.
 At the conclusion of the third episode there was a major discovery by Suzune, cleaning up her place a bit she noticed a prescription form in Mizue's jacket. The prescription was for a sleeping medicine and a heavy dosage it was written for too. Seeing as how Suzune had never once overslept or felt tired like she has been could that be the cause of Mizue secretly giving her that medicine?
 It really appears to be the case but they left us on a cliffhanger and the third episode ended at that point. Been kind of a slow drama but also one that's been quite interesting, there are just so many developments that need to be played out plus there's too many questions that need to be answered. Will continue with that thought in the next post as there were so many screenshots because the recap was for two episodes. Unsure how future recaps will go, it'll probably depend on when the subs get done but think it may work out better doing two episodes at once like this post did.

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