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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Jin Ki-Joo: "Wednesday 3:30 PM" drama recap.... episode's three and four

Air Dates: June 7th to June 21, 2017 on SBS for ten episodes,
 shows were 18-23 minutes in length

Main Cast:

Jin Ki-Joo as Sun Eun-Woo
Lee Hong-Bin as Yoon Jae-Won
Ahn Bo-Hyun as Baek Seung-Kyu
Cha Jung-Won as Gang Na-Yeon
Kim Hye-Ji as Kim Hye-Won
JoSeung-Hee as Choi Seon-Ah

 Will have a different video at the top for all of these recaps. One for this post is a short interview from the set and possibly it's first episode as that was the attire Ki-Joo wore in that show. Those two screenshots will also keep in all of the recaps, quite an attractive face she has. This was Ki-Joo's first starring role and she will have the female lead in the upcoming "Come Hug Me" series.
 Last recap was for the first two episodes which ended on a pair of cliffhangers which didn't continue on to the third show. One was about an important project Eun-Woo was working on for her company, no word on how she did at it's presentation in these two episodes. Plus Eun-Woo had Jae-Won bring a key file to the office for the project, the two had been spotted together by Eun-Woo's ex-lover
Seung-Kyu and his new girlfriend Hye-Won. Thought there would be some romantic triangle starting after the incident but that too wasn't discussed at all in episodes three and four.

 That's Hye-Won(left) and Seung-Kyu(right) above, she's been following the Instagram account of 'Project Wednesday 3:30 pm' that Jae-Won started. Seung-Kyu has also been following the site though won't admit it to his new girlfriend. It appears he's beginning to wonder if he made the right decision about dumping Eun-Woo as her attractiveness has really grown by leaps and bounds. These two episodes added up to to the shortest back to back ones as they just totaled over 33 minutes, am trying to stretch things out a bit.
 The lives of Eun-Woo and Jae-Won have settled down now that he's moved in with her. Jae-Won has has been staying with his old friend since the coffee shop it appears he now owns burned down. But with the insurance money he's been rebuilding the cafe and it's grand re-opening will be taking place soon. When that happens wonder if he'll be asked to leave, for now it doesn't appear so as it seems
Eun-Woo enjoys having a housemate instead of living alone.
 Lot of flashbacks but haven't been taking screenshots of them as they may mess up the sequence of events. Eun-Woo had one where she remembered the first time seeing Seung-Kyu and Hye-Won together, they were out on a date yet at the time Eun-Woo was still dating him. He noticed Eun-Woo watching him in the rain but no words were spoken between the two, shortly after is when he probably dumped her.

 Above is a new character that was introduced in the fourth episode, yes we're already on that show. The woman is Seon-Ah, she was hired by Jae-Won to be an assistant at his coffee shop which is called 'Brunch Cafe'. We didn't see too much of her but she seemingly knows the ways of men,
Jae-Won has already been asking for her advice. Screenshots above her are from the main 'Wednesday 3:30 pm Project' for the two shows.
  Jae-Won had arranged for him and Eun-Woo to take pics at a Cherry Blossoming event for couples. However he was stuck on the island of Jeju due to a major storm, Jae-Won had traveled there for advice from an older man on how to brew a perfect cup of java. That storm delayed him for over an hour and Eun-Woo had ended up alone at the festival.
 Her emotions were a mixture of venom towards Jae-Won and sadness as she was the only person there who was alone. In the nick of time Jae-Won arrived, he snuck up behind Eun-Woo who was quite chilled due to the wind. In an act of forgotten chivalry Jae-Won wrapped his coat around
Eun-Woo, no words were spoken by her and none needed to be.

 That night Eun-Woo had received a text message from her old flame Seung-Kyu, he would really like to talk with her. Jae-Won saw the message and told her not to talk with Seung-Kyu quite yet, there's still work to do on the project. The next day Eun-Woo passed by Seung-Kyu on a stairway at their office, that's her in the above screenshot. She coolly asked him what he wanted to talk about, she was really playing hard to get.
 Eun-Woo was acting that way from some advice given to her from Jae-Won via his new employee Seon-Ah, she could be an interesting character in upcoming episodes. Seung-Kyu had no response when Eun-Woo was so abrupt with him, he said it was nothing important and went on his way. In another flashback scene we learned that when they were childhood friends Eun-Woo and Jae-Won had found an abandoned white dog which they named Beanie. However they didn't possess the dog for too long as it was run over by a car, both were naturally so crushed.
 Now it's present day, for the next 'Wednesday 3:30 pm Project' Jae-Won surprised Eun-Woo with another white dog that looked just like Beanie. The expression on Eun-Woo's face was so precious, that entry on their Instagram account no doubt brought tears of joy to others. It's now that night, the pair have brought the canine home where they named it... Huchu(?). That means pepper in Korea, the dog was sniffing around a jar of pepper which inspired the name.
 But is also made the two realize that they hadn't bought any dog food, Eun-Woo said she would go out and grab some. She left their apartment but Jae-Won rushed after her to tell her to grab some beer so they could celebrate their new addition. As he went out the door he saw Eun-Woo standing there in a daze. When Jae-Won looked a little to his left to see what made Eun-Woo have that expression the figure of Seung-Kyo was standing there, could this be the moment he asks Eun-Woo to come back to him? For now that's unknown as the episode ended on that note, unlike the last cliffhanger sure this one will start off episode five.

 Even though the pair of shows were only a little over 33 minutes combined it was a little slow at times but overall it's been an enjoyable watch. Things are set up for an intense next episode, haven't viewed it yet but when I finish this recap will be doing that. So far no love has started to brew between Eun-Woo and Jae-Won, coming in thought the two would end up together. That will still probably happen but so far they've remained friends but when you live under the same roof something is bound to happen.
 Was going to do two posts in a row for this series, had planned on the next post being the recap for episodes five and six. However a bit stretched for time and won't be able to view them for another 4-5 days so seeing as this is written up may as well publish it.