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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Minami Wachi: Her intro post #1....

 May be hard to notice at first but if you can raise your eyes a bit you'll find that Minami has one of the most attractive faces you'll ever see and I may have noticed that first on her. Also you'll see in the labels that she spells her name differently as she just uses Hiragana characters for both her names which I don't ever recall seeing before.

 Minami is another gal who I don't understand why it took so long to begin posting about her. She turned 23 on January 7th though has only been active as a model for about two years. Minami is another new fave who went to college yet seems to find being a gravure model is a better paying job than one needing a degree. She just got her degree this March from Meiji University.
 Next post will be in ten days though I could do a few posts for 2017 mag spreads but will hold off on them until that post. On April 28th Minami will be having an event for her second DVD which is titled "Wachi, to South". That's what the name of it is on the DVD cover which is here along with some promo pics for it, video at the top is of her promoting it.

 Will also have some calendar pics in her next post for May on. Minami has an Instagram account and does a superb job at posting pics as all of these are from this month.

 On to four Minami mag spreads and you'll agree that all of them are jaw-dropping. Next post will have two others from this year along with some from 2017. Working from newest to oldest this first set is from the new issue of WPB which is #17. It has outtake pics from the DVD photo shoot, don't think Minami has a photobook yet.

 More I think about the more amazed I am Minami doesn't have a PB yet, wouldn't doubt with her growing popularity she'll have one this year. Second set is also promoting Minami's new DVD and this breathtaking collection is from the March 26th edition of Young Magazine.

 Last two are a bit smaller sets so will combine them with the first four pics being from the February 26th Flash while the rest are from the January 12th issue of Friday. After these terrific pics is a must watch Minami video for her new DVD, whewwww....