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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Jin Ki-Joo: "Wednesday 3:30 PM" drama recap.... episode's one and two

Air Dates: June 7th to June 21, 2017 on SBS for ten episodes,
 shows were 18-23 minutes in length

Main Cast:

Jin Ki-Joo as Sun Eun-Woo
Lee Hong-Bin as Yoon Jae-Won
Ahn Bo-Hyun as Baek Seung-Kyu
Cha Jung-Won as Gang Na-Yeon
Kim Hye-Ji as Kim Hye-Won

Wouldn't say the universe but Ki-Joo is certainly one adorable gal. First Korean drama I've started on in over two months, needed a bit of a break from them but then again the Winter season didn't seem too strong to me. Thought I'd ease back into the K-dramas with a short one, this show is ten episodes which isn't too short but the episodes themselves average just a little over twenty minutes. Let's get on with the recap and the first two episodes will be reviewed today. At the top of every post will have a different video, today's is an interview with the drama's two main leads.

 Don't know if it's a myth made up for this show but it seems so. Supposedly every Wednesday at 3:30 pm is when a woman looks her worst and it's usually when they suffer heartbreaking events. That was the case with Eun-Woo(Ki-Joo) as within the first minute of the opening show her boyfriend says he wants to break up with her. He didn't tell her why or give any excuses for his decision, the man is Seung-Kyu who we'll be seeing more of later.
 Seung-Kyu just told Eun-Woo those words, handed back the ring he was wearing and disappeared from the small coffee shop. Of course Eun-Woo sat there heartbroken with tears flowing but we didn't see her again for a few minutes but the action still took place at the coffee shop. The owner Na-Yeon is preparing to go on a business trip, if things go well she may never return.
 That's not what her boyfriend Jae-Won wanted to hear, in her absence he'll be handling the running of the shop. If Na-Yeon doesn't return the shop will become his as she left Jae-Won the ownership papers, they're engaged so you know he wants her back. It's the end of his first day at the coffee shop, Jae-Won begins to head home but runs into someone he thinks he knows on a very steep stairwell.

 Before he could say her name it was Eun-Woo who recognized him. They're long time friends from childhood though she's four years older. Those steep stairs were the main reason they met again as Eun-Woo had started to fall but was held back by Jae-Won, in turn he fell down the stairs. He wasn't badly hurt and ended up at Eun-Woo's apartment where the two began to reminisce about the past. Eun-Woo though was still so down in the dumps about her breakup, Jae-Won attempted to cheer her up which had no affect on her mood.
 Jae-Won had then received a phone call and one that was with some tragic news. The coffee shop which he had been running for all of one day was burning to the ground, that's him above watching the flames. Now we have two extremely depressed people, Eun-Woo because of her breakup and
Jae-Won because of the coffee shop burning down. What better way to mourn than to drown your sorrows in endless bottles of Soju which is what the old friends did.

 With a bit of a hangover the following morning Eun-Woo stumbled out of bed to find.... Jae-Won in her apartment! She was a bit under the influence the previous night and hadn't realized she told him to stay over, for the time being Jae-Won has nowhere to live. But it's time for Eun-Woo to head to the office, they leave together but part at those same steps. Unknown to Eun-Woo Jae-Won had headed back to her place, he somehow had a set of keys and had proceeded to spend the day cleaning up.
 Upon her return that night Eun-Woo was shocked to see her lights on, had that imbecile left them on? No he hadn't and to her surprise Jae-Won was still at her place which was now sparkling clean, he was also preparing dinner. That's was all fine and dandy with Eun-Woo but the question was why was Jae-Won still in her apartment.
 Being a tad intoxicated the previous night had also made Eun-Woo forget something else and it was a bombshell. When Jae-Won told her because the cafe was burned down he had no place to stay, there was a small place there for him to sleep there. Being an old friend Eun-Woo had felt so sorry for him so during her drunken state she told Jae-Won he could move in with her, he didn't need a second invitation and that's what he did.

 Reluctantly Eun-Woo lets her old friend stay, she really couldn't go back on her word. With the insurance money Jae-Won plans on rebuilding the coffee cafe but it will take time. So in the meantime he's had a brainstorm and one that he hopes will get Eun-Woo's boyfriend back. His plan is called the 'Wednesday 3:30 pm Project', even he knows that's the worst time of the week for women.
 Jae-Won figures if that time of the week is when females look their worst why not have it the time when Eun-Woo looks her best? At first Eun-Woo is not enthused about the project, how can she look her best at that time plus would it really help her win back Seung-Kyu? But Jae-Won doesn't plan on just having Eun-Woo look fabulous every Wednesday at that time but at 3:30 pm every day.
 The following day she receives a text from Jae-Won saying 'Wednesday 3:30 pm project is on' and tells her to meet him at a location. The drama is set in Seoul but she meets Jae-Won at some remote field well outside the city, the setting really did Eun-Woo look ultra attractive. Jae-Won had set up an Instagram site for her and they'll be adding in a pic/video every day at 3:30 pm. Somehow others have learned of the new site as Eun-Woo's co-workers keep checking it out along with her

 Seung-Kyu works at the same unnamed office as Eun-Woo, both are managers of small departments. Didn't take long for Seung-Kyu to hook up with another woman from the office, above is Hye-Won who may be Seung-Kyu's new girlfriend. Don't think its official yet but the two do get a tad closer as the second episode goes on. Eun -Woo was a bit startled to see the two together but she did keep her composure, it appears Hye-Won doesn't know of their old relationship.
 The 'Wednesday 3:30 pm project' is in now in full swing, almost every afternoon Jae-Won invites Eun-Woo to a new location and that Instagram site is now attracting many viewers. The goal of the site was to make Seung-Kyu jealous and want Eun-Woo back, so far it's working. Around the office he notices at 3:30 pm all of the women begin to look so bad, they have lines under their eyes, have aged dramatically or just flat out look horrible.
 But not Eun-Woo who at 3:30 pm always looks like 50 million won, Seung-Kyu is certainly noticing that is it enough for him to want his old flame back? Perhaps not as he met up with Eun-Woo on the company's roof and he had some harsh words for her. Eun-Woo is in charge of a project and one that could determine the future of the company. Seung-Kyu is worried she's spending so much of her time with that project and doesn't think she's capable of doing a good job on the company project. That's not what Eun-Woo thinks, she has worked hard on that project and is now relishing the idea of Seung-Kyu eating his words.

 Should be able to wrap things up in this segment, Jae-Won has started on rebuilding the coffee cafe. The whole place burned down but he was able to find a box containing the ownership papers that were perfectly fine, also in that box were the two rings that Eun-Woo had left. Time has been flying as it's been many weeks since Jae-Won moved in, the pair has done at least ten Instagram entries. Wonder if seeing Eun-Woo look so attractive hasn't made Seung-Kyu become a bit bitter but his potential new girlfriend Hye-Won is actually a extremely nice person, least so far she is.
 It's the day for Eun-Woo to give her presentation for the company's new product, so far the company is unnamed plus we don't know what products they produce. Even with the 'Wednesday 3:30 pm Project' in full swing Eun-Woo was able to create a very good presentation, there was just one problem.... she left a key file at home! She called up Jae-Won who was at home, she begged him to bring the file and he would but only if she paid him 50,000 won.... nice friend.
 In the final scene Jae-Won has arrived at the office with the file, Eun-Woo wasn't alone at the time as behind her was Seung-Kyu and Hye-Won. Eun-Woo manged to whisper to Jae-Won to act like her new boyfriend which he did and perhaps too well. As the two were cooing to each other watching on in amazement were Seung-Kyu and Hye-Won, neither knew she had a new boyfriend and that they were spending nights together! Not exactly a cliffhanger but the second episode ended there, next show should begin with Eun-Woo doing her presentation.

 Never have been a fan of these sappy, lighthearted romance dramas. However on occasion they're an okay change of pace and this series has started off well or better than I expected. If this was a usual drama of sixteen one hour shows wouldn't have started viewing it but shorter ones means there's no time for filler, 210+ minutes is enough time for a drama. Just the one pair of shows for today but in the future will have back to back posts so next week or perhaps sooner than that will have a pair of recap posts. One will be for episodes three and four, the other for five and six. Will be doing the same for the final four episodes and plenty more screenshots here to help you follow the story better.


  1. I see, 3:30pm Wednesday, note taken. The 'Won' is in his name, it's only natural that he negotiates a price for his deeds. I need to find these 20/30min dramas, ran into a 60min drama that was good until it gave me 45mins of romantic bollocks(I like the lead actress tho...but still a load of bollocks) and 15mins of actual story.

  2. Does take some searching and getting lucky finding short dramas. A few that are just three or four episodes are "Adolescence Medley" and "Page Turner". "White Christmas" is eight episodes but is an okay thriller plus all of them are subbed in American.
    "Another Parting" is five episodes that are ten minutes each, "Choco Bank" is about the same length too and there are others.

  3. Cheers m8! Any bogan subbed? hah, that would be funny.
    Ah, the drama I was crying about there is 'IRIS', has got Kim Tae Hee in it which was one of the reasons why I watched it. That part happened in ep 3 out of 20 so it's pretty early but I have yet to progress.
    Watching 'My Mister' which is pre-tty good, maybe coz there's no romantic bollocks going on and I'm getting story, story, story...or maybe because I like IU and Lee Ji-Ah...I still got the Haruka Ayase dramas to go on with, slowly getting there but when that's done or so, may start with 'Choco Bank'...for Eun-Bin of course or maybe 'Page Turner' for weet-bix kid(Kim So-Hyun).
    There seems to be this problem I'm having with dramas in general. The first half seems to be best while the second half is where I start to lose interest like there are 3 dramas(there's probably more) with about 3 eps to go aaaand I don't wanna watch it haha.

  4. "Iris" is a show I started but never finished for some reason, it was an good drama but bet it was because it was twenty episodes. Once a series gets past 12 episodes so much of it is filler and flashbacks, hardly any drama needs to go past twelve episodes save for a few. "City Hunter, Ghost and Sorry, I Love You" never lost a beat even though they were all at least sixteen episodes. That final show is my all time #1 from any country, there is no drama which compares to it and now I feel a need to watch it for the 25th time...
    Few other shorter ones that could be interesting and think I'll check them out too. All of these are subbed too.... "Somehow 18, Queen of The Ring and Nightmare Teacher", that final one looks quite promising.

  5. Wheww okay, quite a list, seen none of them...ok so spun the bottle on the 11 dramas listed here and had a look at 1st ep of 'Queen of the ring', the main female lead is a cool girl, really likeable along with her "pervert" friend who looks like a fun bloke. Good stuff. If you were to recap that one tho then I think it will be a quick one as in what happens can be summarised pretty easily but hey, you can work your magic if ya want it longer.
    Guess my all time favourite drama would be a chinese one called 'Three Kingdoms(2010)', a historical one which is pretty long(45min...95eps). Always liked the story so seeing the casting and performance, enjoyed it a lot. Was gonna head over to the chinese dramas to see what they got but none are as cool as this one IMO.

  6. Sigh, kind of dumbfounded that you haven't viewed "Sorry, I Love You" which set a standard that will never be topped.

    Cha Moo-hyuk is a small-time scam artist working the streets of Australia. He was abandoned by his parents as a child and he was adopted by a couple in Australia. Unfortunately, he was mistreated by his foster parents and thus roams the streets, cheating tourists out of their money when they are lost. It is through one of these scams that he bumps into Song Eun-chae.

    Song Eun-chae is the fashion coordinator and childhood friend of a famous Korean singer, Choi Yoon. She sees Yoon as her life's focal point and does everything she can to please him. Yoon visits Melbourne, Australia to do a photoshoot with another famous Korean actress, Kang Min-joo, who also happens to be good friends with Eun-chae. Yoon asks Eun-chae to get him close to Min-joo, as he is interested in her. It breaks Eun-chae's heart but she does so accordingly. One day, Eun-chae's luggage and money are stolen by the same band of vagrant criminals as Moo-hyuk.

  7. So I guess...I'll watch the jap version OHOHOHOHO. Oh, I saw that female lead in a movie called 'A tale of two sisters' which was quite a spooky movie. But righto m8, you win, slipped in the wrong shoe there. Just had to say "it was shot in Straya" then would've jumped on like a seagull stealing ya chips but since it's Melbourne...hmmm...(70min later) oooooooooh I like this, I see why everyone likes this. Ended up forgetting about the comment but daym Jason and his set of training wheels. Shame the main lead couldn't pull off an aussie accent but despite his despicable actions, he still waits for the lights to go green, a solid bloke in my book. Around 55min, a lady said to call 911...in Straya...hah! 911 pffft m8. I'm guessing it's not a comedy drama as well coz that guy with the silly tattoo on his forehead haha makes him look like an absolute nut.

  8. Sounds hard to believe but every episode is better than the previous one, the intensity level reaches a peak too high to measure. Unsure if I'll be posting about the show but will be starting on "Doubtful Victory" from last year, long one though the episodes are only half an hour.

  9. Looks action packed from the trailers and it involves a prison escape! woww. Looks like an easy to follow story but bet ya there's gonna be some tricky stuff in it like the person who framed him was his mother's ex's brother in law who happens to be cheating on his wife with the detective's sister...
    Guess you could post about the events and stuff surrounding the show instead of recaps, just coz there's a lot of recaps that ya been doing and adding another one may just give ya hibbie jibbies coz ya know, there's Wakako, Koi wo nannen, kakegurui, sentai, denei, 3:30pm and guess ya stopped with some of them tho pretty sure you finished watching them like 'judge vs judge' and some others like 'black' and stuff. I can see it do ya head in. Unless you were using it like a introductory post for the dramas like showing off what happens a bit then moving on to other matters at hand.

  10. It is difficult posting about longer dramas, need to find a way to do them with being able to explain most of what happened. Few days ago recalled that I had forgotten all about the 'Wakako' drama, will finish the final four episodes soon and then on to season two.
    "Kakeguri" needs one more episode to be subbed, then I'll do a marathon watch of it and will finish recapping that series. However after all of that talk about the "Sorry, I Love You" drama will be starting on that again tomorrow. Will take Monday off from posting as I'd rather concentrate on watching that, bought the DVD box set of it about seven years ago.

  11. Sweet. Up to ep 4 now with 'Sorry, I love you', was gonna keep it as 1 ep a day but yeah nah forget thaaat m8!