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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sae Okazaki: A (too) little of this and that....

 Have run out of adjectives to describe Sae's ultra attractive face, I'd rank it second currently on my all time list and rest of her looks mighty fine too. Not sure how many pics there are today but just know it's not enough, almost all are recent and didn't want to hold on to them for too long. Sae has been in the entertainment field since 2012 but it's really only been the last year and a half that she's become much more active.
 Sae's next drama will be beginning on April 22nd and is titled "Black Bean", it's set in a hospital. Like so many shows it's based on a manga, unsure if I'll watch it though it does look like it may be okay. Just have so many shows I'm currently watching and also ones I want to view but will never get to them all. One thing I really need to view is Sae's 2017 film "ReLife", said that in her last post but haven't got around to it though I do have the movie so it will be watched and reviewed.

 Besides the drama that begins soon no other activities are lined up yet for Sae, one things she sorely needs is a photobook and bet millions will agree with that. Sae does a good job at updating her Line Blog, she only has 31 pages on but it's because it's not that old.

 Sae is an exclusive model for two mags along with being a model for many fashion lines and sites. One site is Point House and these are some superb pics from the past few months.

 Though she's an exclusive model for a couple of mags Sae doesn't appear in all that many of them which is such a shame. This set is one that had been missed in her first two posts and is from the January 4th edition of Tokyo Walker Plus.

 Biggest crime to date this year is that the other Sae spread is only four pages. 😠 It's from the new issue of Young Magazine which is #17 and some of these pics leave me speechless.... again....

 Sae these days appears at all of the huge fashion shows and she outshines 99% of the models there. On March 31st, which was Saturday, she was at the 26th 'Tokyo Girls Collection show that took place at the Yokohama Arena. Sae was representing Lowrys Farm, some fine pics from the show but wish there many more plus couldn't find a video. That's okay as most of them are about twenty seconds long so after the TGC pics have a CM for L-Con contact lenses, quite a few of them on YT.