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Friday, April 20, 2018

"Koe Girl" drama: episode one recap

 Air Dates: April 7, 2018 to....  Saturdays at 2:30 am on TV Asahi.... also known as Voice Girl

 Main Cast:

The 'Voice Actresses'

Haruka Fukuhara as Makoto Kikuchi
Yurika Nakamura as Asami Kuriyama
Mariua Nagao as Ren Inaba
Jun Amaki as Konatsu Morimoto
Aoi Yoshikura as Ryoko Ochiai

Their Managers

Shingo Tsurumi as Yuichiro Oshima
Masaki Nakao as Katsutoshi Masada

Haruka Tomatsu as Haruka Tomatsu(plays herself)

 Though there's five wanna-be voice actresses the story revolves around Haruka as Makoto who through two episodes has been in 95% of the scenes. At the top is a short promo for this episode and will attempt to find a different video for each recap, have the first two episodes today.

 Did an intro post or two for Haruka at the end of last year though none since then, I'll work on having a few more for her soon. She plays Makoto who is an eighteen year old that is about to finish high school but has no plans on continuing her education. For the time being she's working in her parents small green grocers, not sure if there's two parents as we've only met the mother. Makoto is quite the attraction at the store with her voice, she can seemingly make everyone on the street stop to purchase something.
 One day on her way home from school Makoto is stopped by a much older man, he told her not to worry as he stops at her store. The man Oshima tells Makoto she has one of the most appealing voices he's ever heard, Oshima gives her his card and asks if she would be interested in becoming a voice actress. Makoto has no clue what one really does so accepts his offer to attend a meeting the following day.
 The next day Makoto appears at the Ihara agency that Oshima runs along with his assistant Masada. Makoto was surprised to see four other females there, Oshima is in need of many new voice actresses as other agencies have stolen most of his stable. All five are there to audition, one of them is a veteran who made Makoto quite self conscious about herself even though she has a fine voice.

 Above is Makoto at her audition and she's paired up with Asami. Bad gal to be paired up with as Asami seems to have much experience in voice acting and her performance put Makoto's to shame. Asami had done her homework as voice acting is much more than just reading the lines, all of this is brand new to Makoto. It wasn't actually an audition as Oshima wants the five girls to begin working for him and it was mainly a test to see where all five gals stood.
 Asami is easily the best, the other three are good though not in her class but Ren also seems have some experience. When the testing was over Makoto tried to befriend Asami as they were leaving the office. That offer of friendship went nowhere as Makoto was rebuffed sternly by Asami, she's there to become a voice actress and wished that Makoto would take this opportunity more seriously. Besides Asami we didn't see the other potential voice actresses too often, as the episodes go on we'll be learning more about them. But after that brief failed attempt at a friendship Makoto does meet someone friendly just as she was leaving for the day.

 That friendly person was Haruka Tomatsu who you may know of as I've done some posts for her. In real life she's a popular voice actress along with being a fairly decent J-Pop singer. Haruka goes by her real name in the show, she also plays a voice actress in the series plus hosts a radio show called 'Haruka Tomatsu Waiting Sound'. She tried to cheer Makoto up who usually always is that way but had looked so down when Haruka passed her.
 Haruka seemed to instill a bit of confidence in Makoto and told her to listen to her radio show. Haruka also gave Makoto a key piece of advice which was Check the answers. Took Makoto most of the night to figure out the meaning but she finally did. As mentioned before about Asami being a voice actress is more than just reading lines, as Makoto began looking closer at the script she read at the testing she realized how many mistakes she made.
 Makoto had been way off on her timing along with not expressing the correct feelings of the words. That's when Makoto understood the meaning of Asami's words as she spent the night practicing her lines as the anime was playing on her computer. The sleepless night didn't take away any of Makoto's energy as she arrived the next morning all gung-ho and had such confidence she would do a top notch job. That point is where the episode ends, these shows are just a little over 22 minutes in length which are my fave kinds of episodes.

 Think this series is going to be one of the most enjoyable dramas of the year though do have one quibble. The quality of the videos left something to be desired, watched two different versions of this show while had to view three(!) for the next episode but think I may have found a dependable person to rely on. Subs are being done by Skewed who also did the 'Video Girl Ai' drama. You don't have long to wait to see what happens as the next post has the recap for the second episode.

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