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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Nao Kanzaki: Short hiatus starting....

 Once again computer issues, last time if you recall was in March 2016. Bought a used Windows 7 after a week's break, that laptop fizzled out yersterday afternoon with the sypmtoms starting on Friday. It's a hard drive issue which is repairable but as of now undecided what I want to do, fix it as it did work extremely well or get another one.
 Buying another isn't an option these days as I'm watching my funds so up in the air on what the plans will be, However know I'll be taking a break and in a way my laptop going down is kind of a blessing as lately I've been getting so tired of spending too much time on the computer. So know it will be at least ten days before I start posting again and even that estimate may not he far enough in the future.

 So will enjoy myself for a little while and take a well desrvedd break from the computer.  Not just blogging but doing so many other variuous things such as other sites, watching dramas, etc.. Didn't want to leave so many faithful viewers in the dark and have you wondering why I just disappeared. Good time then to check out all of the other posts here if you haven't, perhaps be like me and take a holiday away from looking at a screen.
 Had been doing a monthly Zodiac post but there obviously won't be one for Taurus which is the current sign and began on April 20th. Was one of the smaller signs for my faves as there was only about five born during that stretch. As you may have noticed my fave for Taurus is Minami, she has to be in my top five for all time as she's finished third and second in the last two top twenty lists. Few pics of her to cheer you up and even if there's no posts for new happenongs coming up will try to keep everyone informed of the blog's status'

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  1. Phew, saw "hiatus" and thought "indefinite hiatus", that would've been a punch in the gut as I only popped in last year. A well deserved break indeed m8. Good luck with your laptop, shame you're nowhere around where I am as I got a m8 who has a hand in computers. Looks like a good time to have a beer!!🍺 or go to the beach like Minami here but this time you (probably) won't have just a twig with ya...have fun m8!!